This highly recommended Netflix family comedy is the highest-rated film of Adam Sandler’s career

neither hustle, rough diamonds one of two drunk on love Adam Sandler’s highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes (with a 96% critical approval rating) is a Netflix family comedy directed by Paul Thomas Anderson: Somehow you are not invited to my Bat Mitzvah!, in which the actor is surrounded, as always (and when he has the privilege of choosing), with friends and also with his family. full.

In a 2017 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Sandler said that his daughters were not getting bored of his movies. “I put them on because he begged me to look at him. He told me ‘People on the street always yell at you and we don’t know what they’re talking about.’ But after 20 minutes he hung up and said to me: ‘Can we see anything else?’,

So that his daughters could watch his films without getting bored, and incidentally spend more time with them while they were at work, Sandler decided to start giving them small roles in the titles. criminal at sea, However, it is the first time that he got more prominence than them and the play became well, as critics liked it and the public placed it among the most watched dramas of the week.

sadie (17) and Sunny Sandler (14) His two daughters in real life, who play his fictional daughters in this comedy, and his wife, Jackie, gives life to the mother of the best friend of one of them. Arguably a clear case of ‘nepobabies’, but although it is undeniable that many actresses may never get this kind of opportunity, they also lack the talent and natural charm.

especially his youngest daughter Sunny, who wears with no visible effort and a lot of charisma The pressure of being the center of attention looms large in every scene in this tale of trouble, drama, jealousy and insecurity between two preteen friends.

what’s it about

Stacy Friedman (Sunny Sandler) and Lydia (Samantha Lorraine, 2nd Discovery of the film) Have been best friends since childhood. They’ve been through it all together and are now looking forward to the day they’ve been waiting for their entire lives, their Bat Mitzvah.

The film chronicles all the preparations, nervousness and excitement that accompany this important moment in a young Jewish woman’s life, which according to her is also a great party. Define how your coworkers will see you in the future,

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14 years also come with first crush and first kiss. A moment of experiences and social embarrassment ensues for which Stacey blames her friend. the struggle that tears them apart A few days before the day they had dreamed of sharing.

in front of the scenes and behind the scenes

The Sandler family joins the stage Idina Menzel ,uncut gems, sarah sherman ,Saturday night Live, dan bulla ,Saturday night Live, Jackie Hoffman ,only murders in the building) and Luis Guzmán (Wednesday), among others.

directed it Sami Cohen ,Crush), written by alison peck From the novel by Anonymous Youth Fiona Rosenbloom and produced by Adam Sandler as part of his development deal with Netflix.

Recommended comedy for the whole family

Adam Sandler fans, youth comedy fans, and the little ones in the house will rarely be able to, sit together to watch the same movie And enjoy it equally. The film is told from Stacy’s point of view, so Sandler’s role is secondary, but every intervention from his cool-dad is hilarious.

However, the best are the adventures of young heroes. They’ve just turned 14, so drama and conflict are typical of their key moments, but they’re well played in tone and rhythmSo regardless of the audience’s age or their penchant for the youth genre, its 100 minutes will pass with lots of laughs and an exciting and perfect ending.

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