This infallible trick is enough to heal the broken branches of the lemon and keep pests and diseases away.

Plants of all kinds decorate our spaces, making a good show of themselves inside and outside the home.

Each has certain characteristics that have conquered us, pushed us to take it and make it part of our flora.

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This is all equally dear to us, in fact we dedicate ourselves to it with care and attention. We care that our plants are always healthy and in full vigor.

Sometimes, however, we may not know exactly how to best remedy some damage, such as in the case of wounds in our lemon tree. We often look for complicated and expensive solutions, when this infallible trick is enough to heal the broken branches of the lemon and keep pests and diseases away.

A situation absolutely not to be underestimated

Many have a lemon, in pots or in the open ground. In fact it is an excellent choice because, being always green, it ensures color even in the coldest months, on a par with this majestic and luxuriant plant.

The pleasant scent it infuses into the air should also be considered. In addition, if well cared for, it also guarantees us a harvest of lemons. This involves, in addition to an obvious saving, also the satisfaction of cooking with a product we take care of and the certainty of the absence of pesticides. This last aspect is particularly convenient, where we have to use the zest in our recipes.

Unfortunately, however, it happens that our lemon tree can suffer some damage and, without timely interventions, worsen its condition.

We know that the lemon must be placed in a sheltered place to prevent bad weather from causing it inconvenience, even on the balcony it will be good to shelter it from the elements. Despite the attention, however, it can happen that wind, rain, frost or hail can break branches.

Like humans, plants are more vulnerable when injured. In fact, the wound becomes an easy access point for various parasites but above all for fungal diseases.

Among the various lemon infections that could take advantage of this situation, there is dry sore. This can lead to the death of the plant. Spies of this condition could be the yellow leaves and the pink color of the trunk.

There is therefore a risk of triggering, from damage, a dangerous vicious circle that could really endanger the life of the lemon.

This infallible trick is enough to heal the broken branches of the lemon and keep pests and diseases away.

To avoid the various risks, there is a solution: to heal the wound. In nurseries they sell special products for the purpose, but there are also home solutions. The one used by grandmothers, as always decisive and wise, is easy and effective.

You will need a really cheap and often frequent item in homes, a wax candle. Obviously an extremely simple one, therefore not colored or perfumed. The wax must be as pure as possible, if treated it could give further problems to the plant.

Just hold our candle and light it. Then let’s keep it on the bias above the branch to be treated, taking care not to burn ourselves.

We have to drop the wax in the point where the branch broke, let’s cover it completely and well.

This way the wax will keep the wound closed and isolated, plus it will heal and heal.


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