This is a black bag worth investing in

If you have an idea to invest

quality bag And you want to choose a luxury option, welcome, we have something to tell you. After telling you about the affordable luxury brands you need to sign up for, today we bring you one of the new products from one of the most successful brands in the world of luxury:


If your budget is limited and you want to get a unique piece, it’s best to use something

Wearable, comfortable and versatile, And although there are ideal trends like monograms, the truth is that a black bag that never goes out of style is the best choice. And yes, we have the one that is currently the most favorite


Taking a look at the publications of some of our favorite celebrities and most followed influencers in our country, we realized that there is a bag that has become

perfect hero Among many Instagram images.

But what is it about? well of

Lowe Squeeze Model, one of the firm’s latest innovations. It is a sophisticated and feminine bag made of Nappa leather with a silky touch and positioned as a comfortable proposition for everyday use.

This is the Loewe Squeeze Bag.

It is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship, innovative research and distinctive design, featuring an amazingly light weight sloping body, adjustable chain with rounded links and a

nice soft handle The touch makes it more comfortable to wear.

it’s a purse

Multiple You can carry it on the shoulder, crossbody or in hand, as its adjustable chain handle with a pebble with an engraved anagram has an additional chain to further lengthen the shoulder strap. Furthermore, it has a magnetic closure. Could this be more ideal?

Alexandra Pereira and other influencers with Loewe bags. ,

It is available in two sizes, small and medium – the latter being expensive

3,600 euros-And you can buy it in four different colors: black, olive, burgundy, and oak. Four super wearable and very combinable shades making it a perfect design to invest in.

And yes, as expected, it is a bag that has already become a favorite of many celebrities.

eugenia silvaOne of the most stylish women of our country, has already shared with her followers that this bag is her new favorite for off-road days. And the influencer did just that

alexandra pereraWho has explained to his followers on TikTok that he is happy with this new acquisition.

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram post. ,

@Kendall Jenner

It is a bag that we have already seen on many fashion prescribers, which is also victorious in street style and which delights fashion queens

Kendall Jenner, The supermodel shared on social networks that she already has the model in brown. You want this too, right?

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