This is a mortgage that will save you more than 600 euros if the trend continues.

Euribor is falling today and in the middle of the month goes beyond the average value of the indicator, to which most of the mortgage V Spain at the monthly minimum. If they keep this up mortgaged who update their mortgage You’ll notice big APR discounts on mortgages this month.. As the month progresses, the average is currently 3.703% after drop from this June 14, 2024 to 3.678%. The good news is that this average This compares to a year ago, when the Euribor peaked at 4.007%. This means that at this moment, before the month closes, mortgage prices will fall on average 25-50 euros per month.

Euribor today

How much will mortgages fall in June?

For now reduction in mortgage payments This would be the highest rate mortgage holders have received this year. Variable rate mortgage holders who have to review their installment annually based on that month’s data will see their monthly payments cut by between €25 and €50, according to iAhorro’s calculations.

For example, in mortgage 150,000 euros After 30 years with the Euribor + 0.99% contracted last year, we see that the monthly payment will decrease by 26.63 euros: from paying 804.96 euros each month you will pay 778.33 euros. This also means annual savings 319.52 euros for mortgage.

If the initial amount mortgage If the amount reached 300,000 euros, the savings would also be greater: up to 53.25 euros less every month. That is, if you paid a monthly fee of €1,609.91, you would pay €1,556.66 with this review. Thus annual savings In this case, the mortgage will be 639.04 euros.

Euribor in 2024

He Euribor The year started at 3.609% and so far, mortgage holders who have had to renew their mortgages have had a tough time of it. The indicator that most mortgages in Spain are based on closed the month at an average of 3.671%, slightly higher than the January value.

Mortgage people expect significant drop in monthly payment

IN MarchEuribor recorded its second consecutive monthly gain and closed the month at 3.718%, its highest level since November. IN April, the indicator did not show a clear trend, registering increases and decreases, but ultimately closed the month at 3.703%, representing a slight decline compared to the previous month. It was also down slightly from the same month in 2023, giving many mortgagees some breathing room. IN Maybe A new breath has arrived.

Evolution of the annual Euribor

What is Euribor?

Euribor is an acronym for the European Interbank Offered Rate, as it is defined in English. European interbank offered rate. That is, we are talking about the amount that one European bank charges another for providing a loan.

How is Euribor calculated?

Belonging Euribor calculation It is managed by the European Money Market Institute (EMMI). To do this, it uses a “panel of banks” consisting of 19 different banks, which each day at 10:45 am report the interest rate at which they are willing to lend money to other eurozone banks. Using this data and excluding the highest 15% and lowest 15%, an average is calculated. The result, rounded to three decimal places, is published at 11:00. In Spain Bank of Spain and the Bank of England collect information, update it and publish it daily.

June’s Best Fixed Mortgages: Below 3%

Pending the path that Euribor will take now following the ECB’s decision, supply in the fixed-rate mortgage market, according to comparator iAhorro, shows that more and more banks are choosing to increase interest rates on their fixed-rate loans.

One of the best fixed mortgages on the market Sabadell. It offers a flat IRA of 2.60% and an APR of 3.76%. Thus, if a user signs a mortgage of €200,000 for 30 years, he will pay a fee of around €800. In return, you will need to register your salary or pension, as well as home, life and benefits insurance.

Openbank This is another entity to consider. He sells a fixed mortgage with an IRA of 2.76% and an APR of 3.30%. Following the previous example, in this case the future owner will have to assume a monthly payment of approximately 817 euros. And all this is provided that the salary lives and two insurance policies are purchased (life and home).

We must not forget Santander fixed mortgage. It consists of an IRA of 2.85% and an APR of 3.47%, which equates to a monthly payment of approximately €827 when signing a 30-year mortgage of €200,000. However, this entity is subject to additional requirements: direct write-off of wages, pensions or payments to the self-employed; use a credit card up to six times; take out four insurance policies (home, life, accident and disability); rent a security system from Movistar Prosegur Alarmas and have a home with an A+, A or B energy efficiency certificate.

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