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You imagine get the iPhone for a hardware subscription? New data suggests that this would be Apple’s plan for the future. It would aim to offer the iPhone and the rest of the devices in its catalog by paying a certain subscription from time to time.

This type of subscription would work similarly to software and that Apple already has with Apple One, that is, depending on what you were willing to pay each month, you could have access to one device or another and this would be so for various reasons.

Mainly, it could be because any of the apple devices is quite expensive and what people do is finance their purchase, but the subscription model would eliminate that in exchange for a monthly fee, but not for the actual cost of the gadget itself.

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A device rental

In exchange for this hardware subscription, the user could obtain certain benefits, for example, updates on a regular basis, but probably some other details that are still unknown. The key will surely be in offering an attractive service for everyone.

In return, you could choose to have an iPhone without having to pay its full price and it would be like a kind of rental service, a subscription that the user would properly manage with his Apple account through any of the devices.

This would help Apple to have higher income because this subscription model would be more beneficial in giving many people access to an iPhone, iPad and other Apple hardware because it would not force them to spend a lot of money to have any of them.

The fee to be paid monthly would not be associated with the real cost of the chosen device, so you would not have to pay monthly what the new iPhone would cost, for example, but rather it would be a fixed cost depending on the gadget.

This hardware subscription to have the iPhone and other hardware is still in very early stages, probably Apple can present something at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023, when it does it will surely be a revolution because it represents an important change in its sales strategy.

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