This is considered the film that launched Meryl Streep as an icon in the fashion world and you can watch it on Prime

films have given us Travel through a thousand worlds and learn dozens of stories Although they last only a few hours, they generate a lot of emotion when the plot unfolds, these stories are so loved by the public that they become a legend. An essential classic for movie lovers.endure through the years and become the biggest impulse of the actors He embodied his characters to bring them to reality and get like this strengthen your careerAll thanks to this one paper.

While it is true that many of the most beloved films are filled with fictional settings, there are many other films that depict daily experiences of a group of societyhence people can feel very identified watching on the big screen stories they live with everyday, This identification shows that the said film has been liked by the public and so has happened the devil Wears PradaWhich has gained a huge number of fans since its premiere in 2006.

This film has become a reference for many generations.
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Where to watch The Devil Wears Fashion?

Within the frantic universe of New York fashion, Runway magazine is deftly and impeccably moderated by Miranda Priestlyembodied by Meryl StreepWho has won the title of the most powerful woman in the field of fashion Magazines become a major challenge for anyone who wants to be successful. In this complicated world.

Trying to turn the runway into the supreme authority on New York fashion and, therefore, the world. Miranda will not tolerate any obstacle in her pathThere isn’t even a long list of assistants who have failed to meet their standards, so this job is a true test of survivalA company in which a person with low self-esteem cannot survive, however, ironically, represents an opportunity for countless youth in New York They would strongly like to.

The film earned more than $326 million.
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Miranda’s Supporting Role Could Open Any Door Andy SachsStarring recent graduate Anne Hathaway Far from the standards of haute couture models And among the small army of dashing fashion journalists who staff Runway magazine, where fashion divas line the streets in sharp stiletto heels, Andy is famous for his carefree appearanceHowever, as he begins his work, Andy begins to understand that to excel in this unforgiving business, It requires more than initiative and determination,

To find fulfillment as an assistant, Andy must challenge Miranda’s preconceived image of him., Soon, to the surprise of her boyfriend, played by Adrian Grenier, Andy learns to handle industry jargon and behave like one. true fashion expert, always wears immaculate Manolos and never confuses Dolce with Gabbana. However, as he begins to see the world through Miranda’s eyes, Andy comes to understand that although Miranda’s life is enviable, it is also she is very lonely and realizes that, sometimes, in order to achieve overwhelming success, a huge sacrifice is necessary,

Meryl Streep’s iconic role is still a fashion reference.
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this is the movie Available on Prime Video and Star+ Gave us incredible moments like acting goddess Meryl Streepin the company of the prestigious Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt They came together to show us what it’s like to accelerate fashion world create more debate If Andy’s boyfriend is really a jealous villain Success or all the fault was Miranda’s.

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