This is Emma Stone’s biggest phobia


the actress of The Amazing Spider-Man, La La Land Y Crazy Stupid Love He recognized what his greatest fear is. She did so by talking about a time when he completely lost his composure in the middle of filming.

Emma Stone rose to fame thanks to Easy A.
© GettyEmma Stone rose to fame thanks to Easy A.

Winner of the Oscar for his work in La La Landno one can doubt the acting abilities of Emma Stone, one of the favorite actresses in the industry. The charisma of this star comes out in each of the productions that she performs, whether in a romantic comedy like Easy Ain a thriller like manic or in a musical like the one directed by Damian Chazelle which earned him the statuette of The academy.

But not everything is optimal in the life of the actress born in Arizona 33 years ago. Apparently, she has a phobia that completely paralyzes her and leads her to have completely unthinkable reactions for a figure of Hollywood. About this he spoke during an interview in The Graham Norton Showwhere he remembered what it was like to shoot Crazy Stupid Love beside Ryan Goslingwith whom they made a sequence that honored Dirty Dancing.

“When I was 7 years old, in gym class, I was on the parallel bars two meters from the ground. I was standing on top of the bars and the teacher was grabbing me by the ankles. For one reason or another, she let me go. I started to feel like I was losing my balance and I put my arms like this and I fell two meters to the ground, and I broke both of my arms.”said the actress. Later, she explained that this problem surfaced when she had to do the sequence of Dirty Dancing with Ryan Gosling.

“Over the years, in crazy stupid love I knew we were going to do the scene Dirty Dancing but I didn’t know that I had an internalized phobia of being lifted over someone’s head six feet or so.”he said between laughs. So, Gosling He recalled how his colleague’s reaction was: “It’s never happened to me, but I imagine it’s like a possum falling out of a tree and scratching all your eyes. It would be something similar”. A) Yes, Stone complete: “It was a lot and then it was a complete nervous breakdown, the attack of my career”.

+Emma Stone’s Solution

completely heartbroken, Emma Stone He had to take refuge in his bed to be able to overcome that terrible moment that he had to live. The production chose to use a body double to avoid this problem and when they went to check on the actress, they saw her, still crying, seeking refuge in her comfort movie. She according to her recognized Stone, Labyrinththe movie they starred in Jennifer Connelly and David BowieIt helped him get through that difficult time.

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