This is how Americans waste their money without realizing it

In times of inflation, each penny multiplies its value, especially when it comes to monthly family planning. Many Americans waste their money on a daily basis.Sometimes the dollars thrown overboard add up to thousands just for a “whim” or taste that can wait. Cuban Directory tells you how and on what some inhabitants of the Union waste their money.

On the subject, an investigation by OnePoll determined that an American spends approximately $1,497.00 USD per month.

That money disappears into non-essential products and services. If we multiply that figure by the 12 months of the year, it gives a total of $18,000.00 USD. That means that if you don’t manage your budget well now, in the midst of rising prices, it will be difficult for you to make ends meet.

What am I wasting my money on?

It is an extremely recurring and interesting question. The first thing you should do is that, identify what the monthly money is used for. Then, set a goal to cut back on those unnecessary expenses. Thus, the financial health of your home will thank you.

Check the cost of your parking. That’s where a lot of the money goes. Change habits and use digital applications to save. For example, Parkopedia is an apk that identifies the most affordable parking lots.

Park in free spaces even if you have to walk further to reach your destination.

You must plan your purchases so that you do not waste money every time you go to the market.

Check the payment made with your credit cards. Avoid mistakes that make your purchases more expensive.

Always plan in advance each purchase you intend to execute. This way you will avoid exorbitant prices.

Do not pay unnecessary commissions. For example, going to an ATM that is not in your network will mean an extra cost.

Check your subscriptions monthly. Cancel those you don’t need to avoid wasting your money.

Don’t buy unlimited data plans. Remember that it is impossible to be connected 24 hours a day.

Prepared foods are much more expensive. If you buy them you will spend between 2 and 3 times more than if you process them yourself at home.

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