This is how Ana de Armas arrived at the Oscars

Ana de Armas surprises everyone by dancing to the sound of a Cuban timba, while she goes to the Oscar award ceremony.

The moments leading up to an event as important as the 2023 Oscars are undoubtedly filled with countless emotions and great nervousness. First, because it is a televised gala, which captures the attention of millions around the world and, also, because of the uncertainty regarding the possible results.

Being the first time that Ana de Armas has attended the Oscars as a nominee, it is to be expected that feelings of anxiety would be present. However, apparently, the protagonist of “Blonde” decided to face those moments of tension in a very particular way, and with an authentic Cuban style.

They say that one of the greatest traits of the Antilleans is joy, that which we do not let lose even in the most difficult moments. Therefore, Ana de Armas made a show of her Cuban nature to drain her nervousness about the Oscars by dancing.

Through social networks, a video circulated where the Cuban Bond Girl is seen moving to the rhythm of a tasty Cuban timba. Also, the most curious thing about this clip is that this scene was taken in the vehicle in which she was traveling to the acclaimed movie event.

In it, we see the beautiful Ana de Armas very excited while the Oscars are going on, and dancing the timba “Qué risa me da”. In addition, you can see how the actress was happiest in the limousine that was transporting her, enjoying her Cuban flavor to the fullest.

Ana de Armas enjoyed dancing at the Oscars ceremony

Recently, Ana de Armas shared the video on her social networks where she is seen dancing while traveling to the Oscars. Apparently, this dance was not something that she came up with at the time, but something that the Cuban really wanted to do.


Thus, he implied it through the comment with which he accompanied the publication; where he lets see that this scene was totally planned. In addition, she points out that to achieve this, she had the support of her assistants, who helped her prepare for the “big night”.

“To the team of unicorns who helped me dance my way onto my first Oscars carpet ✨💖 THANK YOU!” she wrote. Likewise, in each image, and especially through the video, we can see her extremely radiant, happy, showing that she was definitely enjoying it to the fullest.

After this publication, thousands of her followers have reacted to seeing Ana de Armas dancing prior to her arrival at the Oscar gala. Consequently, through the comments they have congratulated the beautiful actress, for being authentic, and full of good vibes at such an important moment.

Also, the publication has gathered more than half a million “likes” and has gone viral through various media and social networks.

With these images, once again, Ana de Armas reiterates how happy and proud she feels to be Cuban; just as we Cubans feel proud of her work. Although she did not take home the oscar trophyAna de Armas It is a true pride for Cuba, and we also celebrate it by dancing, clapping and giving thanks. Great Anna!

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