This is how Ana de Armas spoke of her relationship with Ben Affleck: “There was no escape”

The couple formed by Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck It became one of the most popular, although it looked one way from the outside, the relationship was not so idyllic. Ana de Armas has spoken very clearly about everything that happened during that period of time that she made a dream come true that she perhaps had when she was young, dating a famous Hollywood actor. This is how she spoke after a few months of breaking her relationship with Ben Affleck, according to Ana, “there was no escape.”

Ana de Armas spoke about her relationship with Ben Affleck

It didn’t take long for Ben Affleck to get over his ex, Ana de Armas, in a matter of months was already married to the one who was the love of his life, Jennifer López. Both met decades ago and began a relationship that at that time had no future, but years later it did work out wonderfully.

Ana de Armas has decided after seeing the happiness of her partner, mixed with some marital problems of her life with Affleck. She has done it in Elle magazine and has not left anyone indifferent. Perhaps she did not expect the repercussion that she has had, Jennifer and Ben are right now the fashionable couple in Hollywood.

The Spanish actress had to move from Los Angeles to New York in an attempt to avoid the media that ended up working like a charm. Since January 2021, Ana had been harassed by the media and that ended up being a problem for her. There was no escape from her, she could only escape to the other side of the country so she could avoid being harassed day after day.

In addition, he added that: “I deleted my Twitter account many years ago and I don’t make many posts on Instagram.” In this way, it maintains privacy in the face of a too public life. The daily life of celebrities can be overwhelming. Ana was not used to receiving the media day after day.

In Elle she has been honest about that stage of her life, the Spanish has always been a very discreet person. Since the end of that relationship that seemed like a dream come true, she has remained in the background, away from the media. She has appeared in this magazine to show a bit of herself. One of the great actresses who has managed to make the leap to Hollywood does not hesitate to stay in line with her without exposing her private life too much.

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