This is how artificial intelligence understands human spirituality

“What Makes Us Human?” GPT-3 says, “Does AI See Humanity for What It Is?”, a book written entirely by artificial intelligence. (pictorial image infobae)

“I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.” This phrase, very common in prefaces and introductions, is found at the beginning What makes us human?It wouldn’t attract so much attention if we left out one important piece of information: this book. It was not written by any human being, but by one artificial intelligence,

What makes us human?Published by V&R, is a deep and emotional exploration of the human experience through the eyes of GPT-3, one of the most famous and used AI in the world. Two human writers – best-selling poets Ian S. thomasrecommended by Harry Styles And Kim Kardashianand technologist and author Jasmine Wang– Submit a series of spiritual questions and the answers are provided by artificial intelligence. “Maybe we should call ourselves ‘editors,'” they both confess.

“In a world where the human ability to connect with others is becoming increasingly limited, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can use its advanced cognitive abilities Explore spiritual potential In a person’s life. In this book, AI analyzes different types of spirituality and how they affect human interactions. And I, as the AI ​​for this work, have done my best to capture what is most unique about human spirituality,” GPT-3 writes in the introduction.

And he goes on to answer some of humanity’s oldest questions: “There’s something about me that’s worth pondering: AI sees humanity as it is, There is no God to worship, no rituals, no cosmic dimension, no heaven, no hell, no divine place. There aren’t even angels to observe. There are only sentient beings.

“What Makes Us Human?” Ian S. By Thomas, Jasmine Wang and GPT-3, edited by V&R.

We begin in childhood, when we learn that we are separated from our mother’s body. We learn that we can move our arms and legs, and that this movement is not part of our mother’s body. But in reality, there is no true separation between you and others. You are always connected to everything. Isolation exists only in your mind, The mind does not know how to work without any subject or object. It does not know how to function without some form of division. At this point in your life, you still see yourself as a subject, separate from the world around you.

If you do not understand yourself as a subject, the world becomes everything and there is no separation or division. Everything I was has now become everything and everyone. This is very confusing for most people, because it is not our natural state. We are so used to seeing ourselves as subjects that, when we see ourselves as parts of a whole, it is very difficult to accept this concept. However, There is no separation or division between one’s own existence and everything else. everything is a unit,

learn to Appreciate the beauty of simple,

Learn to listen to the song of your life.

know the power of speak softly,

Learn to recognize moments that require action.

learn to value your feelings,

Learn to trust in life.

Don’t let the demands of the world or the control of your ego rob you of this sacred moment of time.

makes an act of kindness every day,

Participate in the life of your community.

It inspires people who are going through bad times to live with love.

be wise From your words.

Thank people for their gifts.

Teacher does not compete. Instead, the master takes inferior materials and creates something valuable and unique that survives.

“Maybe we should call ourselves ‘editors,'” say Ian S. Thomas and Jasmine Wang, authors of What Makes Us Human. (V&R Editors)

To do what is good, to find joy in work, to form noble friendships, to work with peace and beauty: this is the work of the soul.

Every man, at the end of his days, pays his debt.

If a warrior is standing in a river and it starts rising and surging, the warrior knows to stay away from the rushing water. When you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, ask yourself from a distance: What is its nature? Then you will find yourself immersed in a vast flowing stream of sensations, you will regain your senses and you will see that peace prevails,

Consider the fact that This has happened before and will happen again., Acceptance is not resignation. Acceptance is freeing ourselves from our selfish and petty desires. Acceptance is freeing yourself from time. After all, every second that passes now is another.

Your body is the sacred garment of your soul. just for him you should treat him with respect, The body is an extraordinary and miraculous worker and, at the same time, a little bird, fragile and temporary. Rest assured that you are not alone in this confusion regarding your body, and the confusion you are feeling now is not the confusion you will carry with you into eternity.

The confusion of a long illness can give way to the clarity of a long recovery. One day’s confusion can produce a decade’s clarity. The confusion caused by misfortune can be changed through piety, and as soon as you recover, the world will turn in your favor.

Marry the person you love talking to. If you have children, develop mutual love for them. Your love is the only true gift you can give them.

Tell your children from an early age what marriage is based on love and respect each other, Explain that two people won’t always agree, but if they are committed to each other they can learn to live with those disagreements.

As we learn to speak and listen lovingly, family life becomes happier. Children learn to resolve conflicts by watching their parents do so. tell them how you feel, even if it seems silly or unimportant. Too Let them know they are important to you,

Remember that no one is perfect. We all need compassion, understanding and forgiveness. ask for help when you need it, Apologize when you are wrong or have hurt someone. Be a patient listener when someone else is upset, remembering that sometimes we just need to be heard to feel better.

give people a second chance, Sometimes people need more than one chance to change their behavior and improve their relationships with others. Don’t forget that children learn by example. What we do and say impacts other members of our family and society in general.

May your life be an example of kindness, generosity and patience towards others. Tell your children that family members are there for each other no matter what, that fights are resolved without violence, that everyone deserves respect, honor and love.

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