This is how Doña Cuquita spent her first Mother’s Day without Vicente Fernández

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Dona Cuquita spent his first Mother’s Day without Vicente Fernándezafter having spent almost 60 years together and having welcomed their first child (Vicente Fernández Jr.) in the year 1963.

Alexander Fernandez was one of the first to congratulate his mother on Instagram, “El Potrillo” published a small video with photographs with his mother since he was little even a photo with Little Cayetano.

“Nothing that a mother’s love won’t change, take away, or repair. We love you always Cuquis. Sometimes in the good times, sometimes in the bad… we owe everything to you. Happy day to all”, Alejandro Fernandez wrote.

Later, he shared a gallery of photographs with Doña Cuquitawhere he mainly appears with her, but also some others in which his brothers are Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Gerardoas well as his girlfriendKarla Laveaga.

Alejandro Fernandez and Doña Cuquita.
Alejandro Fernandez and Doña Cuquita.

Alejandro Fernandez and Doña Cuquita.
Alejandro Fernandez and Doña Cuquita.

Vicente Fernández Jr. celebrates Doña Cuquita

For his part, the Doña Cuquita’s eldest son, Vicente Fernandez Jr. shared a photo with her mother, as well as with his girlfriend Mariana González and their daughterswhom he congratulated.

At the same time he wrote: “‘THERE ARE NO PERFECT MOMS, ONLY REAL MOMS‘. Who laugh, play, create, accompany, build, lose patience, fight, get tired, and the next day they try everything again with more love!

Vicente Fernández Jr. and Doña Cuquita.

As he noted: “THANK YOU MOTHER FOR EXISTING, TO BE AND TO BE ! I LOVE YOU MARIANA @marianagp01 AND MY DAUGHTERS @ferfpenichet @sissifdz21 I LOVE YOU! Congratulations to all mothers”.

That is how Dona Cuquita She spent her first mother’s day without Vicente Fernández but with her children.

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