This is how Figueiredo’s face was after knockoutHalf time

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Brandon Moreno left the face of Deiveson Figueiredo disfigured on his right side after the fight they had on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, which went in favor of the Mexican by technical knockout.

What happened to Figueiredo after KO of Moreno?

After being subjected to various medical examinations to know with certainty the size of the left-handed blow that the Tijuana native gave him, Figueiredo ended up with some submerged nasal boneswhich surely It will take you to undergo surgery and stop for at least six months.

“After the evaluation and completion of the CT scan in Belem, they found fracture with collapse of the nasal bones and great edema in the muscular-fatty planes adjacent, subconjunctival and intraocular hemorrhage (hyphema) of the right eye”, can be read in the statement released by the Porto Dias Hospital, where he was examined.

Fracture likely to have surgical resolution – after plastic surgery evaluation tomorrow – and your training outside will have at least 6 monthswhere it will be re-evaluated for a greater precision of the dates”, it is added.

with a swollen face

In the same document that was shared by the agency that represents Figueiredo, you can see how was the face of the martial artistwhich was very inflamed on his right side, apart from the cut he suffered on his lower eyelid.

It was ruled out that he suffered from an eye problem, which was one of the great fears of the ex-champion just after the fight, since I felt great pain in the area.

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