This is how its cast looks almost 30 years after its premiere

“La Niñera” was one of the favorite series of the Mexican public during the 90s.

The Serie “The babysitter”a program that was broadcast from 1993 to 1999like that of “Beverly Hills 90210”, earned a place in the hearts of viewers and almost 30 years after its premiere, the characters are still fondly remembered.

The adventures of the cosmetics seller turned nanny Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) next to his employer Mr. Sheffiel with his three children: Maggie, Grace, Brightonthe Butler Niles and the Miss Babcock they were the delight throughout six seasons.

At unotv.com we review what happened to them after the show ended and what they look like today.

Fran DrescherFran Fine

Drescher maintained her marriage to Peter Marc Jacobson, with whom she produced the show, until he confessed his homosexuality to her. The actress herself continued in the world of entertainment with series such as “Happily Divorced” and the series “Indebted”.

Fran Drescher was away from television when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, but in 2015 she returned with the series “Living with Fran”. Photo: Getty Images

Charles Shaughnessy as Maxwell Sheffield

The actor continues with his professional career. He remains active in various projects, especially those involving theater, however, he continues to participate in television and big screen projects.

The actor is also remembered for his role in the successful soap opera “Days of our life”. Photo: Getty Images

Lauren Lane (Miss Babcock)

The famous Miss Babcock He devoted himself largely to the theater, as he is part of a company called “The Actors Gang” and teaches acting classes at Carneige Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

The actress’s career has been developed mostly in the theater. Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Tom (Maggie)

The eldest daughter of “Max Sheffiel” also continued to develop within the media. She currently remains active with different roles as an actress, she also ventures as a producer in certain projects.

The actress has had small participations in several television series. Photo: Getty Images

Madeline Zima (Grace)

“Grace” was the smallest of the family and conquered the public for her sweetness. After her participation in the series, she appeared in several programs such as “Heroes”, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Twin Peaks”.

In 2018 he wrote, produced and directed the short film “Warm Human Magic“. Photo: Getty Images

Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton)

“Brighton” was Mr. Sheffiel’s mischievous son. Compared to his “sisters” he had few television appearances. In addition to being an actor, he graduated as a journalist. He is currently director of operations for the Universal Studios Hollywood amusement park.

The actor qualified as a journalist. Photo: Getty Images

Daniel Davis (Niles)

The butler “Niles” was one of the key pieces in the plot, his shrewd personality and the love-hate he had with Miss Babcock It was one of the favorite plots of the series. Like some of her series companions, her acting work has been very successful in the theater.

The actor had a participation in the series “Ugly Betty”. Photo: Getty Images

Renée Taylor (Sylvia Fine)

Renée played the Nanny’s mom. She has also been a regular on American television. Her last appearance was in Eugenio Derbez’s film “How to be a Latin lover”.

In addition to being an actress, Renée is a producer, director, screenwriter and comedian. Photo: Getty Images

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