This is how Jennifer Lopez reacted when she found out about the new courtship of her ex-fiancé Alex Rodríguez

Now that it has been revealed that Alex Rodriguez gave love a second chance and is dating Kathryne Padgettit was inevitable that he be asked Jennifer Lopez your opinion on what he thinks of the new courtship of who was his partner for several years. The JLo’s reaction surprised manyWell, it’s been more than a year since A-Rod and the singer ended their relationship.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez decided to follow different paths since April of last year; each one continued with his personal and professional life and currently both are in a good moment; JLo with Ben Affleckhis children and his success in Hollywood, while Alex Rodríguez enjoys his work and his new relationship with the influencer Kathryne Padgett

How long did JLo and Alex Rodríguez last?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez they lasted 4 years as boyfriends Y two were engaged. The couple announced their breakup in April 2021.

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Jennifer and Alex seemed inseparable. Photo: AP

Why did Jennifer Lopez end up with Alex Rodriguez?

More than a year after Jennifer and Alex ended their relationship and commitment, the cause that led them to make that decision has not been revealed. However, it is rumored that the “Diva del Bronx” left him after he was unfaithfulplus she couldn’t trust him anymore.

Jennifer Lopez with the daughters of Alex Rodriguez. Photo: Instagram @jlo

This is what Jennifer Lopez thinks about Alex Rodríguez’s new girlfriend

It was recently revealed that Alex Rodríguez is dating Kathryne Padgett as they were seen on a romantic trip through Italy enjoying their love and company. Given this news, Jennifer Lopez could not help giving her opinion and commented that all his energy and strength at this time is destined for his personal and professional lifewhich means that anything A-Rod does doesn’t interest himhowever, he did say that wishes her ex fiancé the best.

Jen is focused on herself and doesn’t even think about A-Rod or her current love life.. She wishes Alex well, but it’s not something that bothers her or takes up space in her mind at all. He just wants everyone to be happyno matter what that may entail,” a source told the media Entertainment Tonight.

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Right now, JLo only has her mind for her family and her boyfriend Ben Affleck, so she doesn’t spend her time thinking negatively about the lives of others. “A-Rod is 100 percent in the back of his mind, and her love life does not faze her”, he added.

Who is Kathryne Padgett, Alex Rodríguez’s new girlfriend?

Kathryne Padgett, Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend. Photo: Instagram @katpadgett

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Alex Rodriguez, 46 years old, he is dating kathryne padgettof 25, one fitness competitor from Dallas, Texas. She is also director of nutrition at the company Doyle Academy of Nutrition and is a recognized influencer. For a few months she had been rumored that she was A-Rod’s girlfriend, however, it is until now, with the photographs of her trip to Italy, that her courtship is confirmed.

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