This Is How Marvel Avoided Revealing Who Peggy Carter’s Husband Was

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Poster

The actress while talking to Collider during a recent interview hayley atwellwho has given life for many years peggy carter In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she discussed how Marvel Studios avoided confirming the identity of her character’s husband by removing a framed photo of his scene. Captain America: The Winter Soldier,

Atwell recalled how, when they were shooting that scene for the sequel, Marvel producer Lewis D’Esposito told them they didn’t want to limit themselves by suggesting a specific person.

I remember when I was shooting this, the prop master put a framed photo of Peggy with her husband and kids on Peggy’s bedside table, and Louis D’Esposito came running over just before we started shooting. came and said, ‘Take it out. We will not. We don’t know this yet. We do not want to limit ourselves by suggesting that he married this. And it was removed. And I thought, ‘Well, that’s really interesting.’

He then went on to praise Marvel for these tactics and explained that the company is always mindful of providing the audience with the information they need to stay engaged.

And thinking about what Marvel is so good at, they’re good at giving the public what they want and exceeding expectations. And I think that’s why they’re always so careful to give the public exactly as much information as they need to keep them engaged, but also to delight and surprise them with new information.

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