This is how Nelly Furtado looks today in 2022; What happened to the singer? Halftime

Have passed more than 20 years since he broke into music with his first album, he achieved world fame and even transcended football performing the official song of Euro 2004but his star went out and disappeared from the public eye without a trace. We refer to Nelly Furtadowho you probably know if you grew up in the early 2000s or if you have TikTok because their songs are viral.

Born in Canada and with Portuguese blood -which is why she was given the honor of writing the song for Euro 2004 in Portugal-, Nelly Kim Furtado swept the charts since the end of 2000 with his album Whoa Nelly! to continue harvesting global successes that in the middle of 2022 are used on TikTok to make viral videosas in the case of Jamie Sorrel, a young man who danced to the theme “Say it Right” in front of a mirror adds more than 50 million likes just in that video.

What happened to the singer Nelly Furtado?

Nelly Furtado is a songwriter, producer and singer which, as we have already said, released its debut album Whoa Nelly! in late 2000. He soon gained worldwide fame for his fusion of pop with sounds like R&B, hip hop, and Latin music. In total, he released six musical productions, the most recent in 2017but by then his years at the top were over.

In his long list of famous songs is it so I’m Like a Bird”, “Suspicious Girl”, “Turn off the Light” Y “Say it Right”. At the time she obtained Grammy Awards and even the recognition of the Commander of the Order of the Infante Don Enrique from the Portuguese government, however, her success and world fame -far from flattering her- had fed her up.

Claiming to feel “disgusted” by the “shallowness of the music industry”, Nelly Furtado he opted for two albums that sought to reflect “his authentic essence”, but the public forgot about it. She threw The Spirit Indestructible (2012) and TheRide (2017) with very little success; it was then that decided to walk away from the celebrity life, refusing to make public appearances and the idea of ​​some nostalgic tour.

The beginning of the end of Nelly Furtado

In its Personal lifein 2003 Nelly Furtado became a mother of a girl named Nevis with her ex-partner, Jasper Gahunia. The birth coincided with the takeoff of her career and she was never able to fully enjoy motherhood, as she confirmed in a 2017 interview with the medium Maclean’sin which he said that after the release of the album Loosein 2009: “I lost all sense of myself as an artist and just wanted to be with my daughter, raise her at home and not in backstage rooms.”

Had a second matrimony with the sound engineer Demacio Castellón, with whom she married in 2008, but nine years later they separated, coincidentally when she released her latest production, which was broadcast at night on the radio.

This is what Nelly Furtado looks like in 2022

Still firm in his position of not appearing in galas, awards, concerts or television programs, the what Nelly Furtado looks like today It’s all a mystery, but in June 2022 a fan uploaded a photo of the singer during a Gay Pride Month event in Canada. That is the only “track” of the interpreter of “Força”, which was the song of the Euro 2004.

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