This is how Pamela Díaz reacted when she found out that her ex-husband was getting married

In August 2021, Pamela Diaz He said in a space of Me Late: “I got divorced (…) Yes, I got an annulment. I’m single now! I’m single and I do what I want, I’m single and I do what I want. It was not easy since Téllez’s lawyers alleged “transgression of the duties of marriage through psychological abuse” by the panelist.

“I think if I made this decision it was because I felt it. It could be that it is a failure: I am already in my second marriage. Surely later I will take it for size, today I can’t take it for size. But I think I had to do it, I had no choice, “he said at the time. Pamelain his old program Viva la pipol (Chilevisión).

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