This is how the body of Viola Davis, 57, has been transformed by running

Photo credit: @violadavis/instagram

Photo credit: @violadavis/instagram

Yes, we recognize it. It’s not the first time we are witnesses of how actress Viola Davis has been adopting and changing new training routines facing a new role. Nevertheless, the physical evolution he has experienced with his latest role is on another level.

And it is that, at 57, the actress has left evidence that starting to practice running It is a good habit that has no age. Now, although the decision was not born from her, but rather this interest in running is linked to her new role in the movie ‘The Woman King’, the evolution and the results she has been achieving, over the months , they are a real past.

You just have to take a look at their social networks to confirm it. Because yes, the actress, after spending a few arduous months on the treadmill improving their skills, He wanted to share his impressive progression and it is not for less.

Now, we warned you, once you see its impressive evolution you will want to copy it, but remember that before throwing yourself on the asphalt (or the treadmill) it is important to choose good running shoes and, also, follow these tips to run and beat all your records.

Viola Davis shares how she has become a 10 runner

As you can see in the video shared by the actress -where she incidentally tags her personal trainer Gabriela McClain- your progress is more than visible. Look what speed! And, better yet, look at that good posture!

Because yes, girls, running seems simple… but it’s not. Even more so, if you have to change your natural way of moving, adapting it to the character you are playing. In this sense, as she revealed, had to change his technique and running skills.

To do this, the actress began his hard training off the treadmill itself, focused on the upper body. How? Helping himself with two light weights, one in each hand, and moving his arms from front to back.

A technique that, later, on the tape itself, recreates and then goes, little by little, increasing running speed.

Likewise, also was enhancing the strength and endurance of the body performing an unlimited number of push-ups, step ups or agility exercises. In addition, he incorporated speed exercise routines with resistance bands in the waist area, which urged the upper body movement was greater. If you want, you can recreate that movement with these acclaimed pack of 5 bands of different resistances for just 5 euros.

As for the number of sessions or the minutes running on the treadmill at maximum speed, it should be noted that, as the actress and trainer affirmed, these were increasing and at intervals, that is, for example, I would run about 30 minutes on the treadmill and then slow down for about 10 or 20 seconds and then return to the previous rhythm. Come on, as in most series of exercises.

And, although, the asphalt is very good… if you are more into doing your routine at home due to lack of time and running has always been your great passionyou always can opt for this most economical treadmill.

In this way, At 57 years old, the actress has managed to incorporate -perhaps definitively- the cardio of the running to your day to day and, with it, improve your resistance and cardio.

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