this is how the contents of the Agent 47 games will be consolidated on a single platform

In 2015 IO Interactive announced that its plans with the series hit man were to deliver a game in constant evolution that would continue to expand for many years. The result was that over 7 years we were delivered 3 games with a unified story and with a similar format both in its gameplay and in the way its scenarios work and its endgame.

Now that many of IO Interactive’s ambitions with hit man have been fulfilled, the Swedish study announces that will unify all your titles on a single platform, that is, the owners of hitman 3 will receive all the contents of hit man 1 Y hitman 2 no need to pay extra for confusing DLCs.

From next january 26 hitman 3 will be renamed Hitman – World of Assassination and will be integrated into this game all the contents that originally belonged to hit man 1 Y 2 which will no longer be sold as separate games. The current owners of hitman 3 will receive at no additional cost all the contents of Hitman – World of Assassination.

2 options to buy Hitman – World of Assassination after its consolidation

Those who have not previously purchased Hitman will have the following purchase options starting next January 26:

  • Hitman – World of Assassination ($70 USD) – The base game will include all original content from hitman 3Besides of Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass and the Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass. There are a total of 21 scenarios in a single video game.
Hitman Woa Base

  • Hitman – World of Assassination Deluxe Pack ($30 USD) – These are expansion contents including the Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, the Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection, and the Hitman 2 ExpansionAccess Pass. All of this adds 2 destinations, 2 sniper maps, and an additional expansion.
Hitman Woa Deluxe

What will happen to the previous owners of hit man 1 Y hitman 2?

From IO Interactive it is clarified that those who previously had a copy of hit man 1 I hitman 2 they will still be able to access both games as they always havealthough they also have the option of enjoying its contents within Hitman – World of Assassination with the gameplay improvements introduced in hitman 3. After January 23 they can no longer be purchased hit man 1 Y hitman 2 as separate games.

Regarding this announcement the study commented:

“For many players, this will mean more free content to enjoy. For others, it will be a much more affordable price for the DLCs. For new players, who may not be reading this, it will be a much better experience buying Hitman games.”

The study ensures that they will be aware of the reactions of the community to these changes and will try to resolve their concerns.

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