This is how the Gorilla Row is done, an exercise to refine the waist

    Let’s be honest, there are no magical exercises. It’s sad and even somewhat hard, especially for those who this 2023 have set out to start exercising, but that’s how it is. Physical changes, whether they are weight loss or increased muscle mass, do not come only from doing an exercise but from a healthy lifestyle as a whole. Or what is the same, the three “magic” elements that we always say: physical exercise, healthy eating and good rest (These tips for better sleep can help you in the latter).

    But yes that There are exercises that, due to the nature of their movement, and the muscles involved in their travel can help to work especially a specific area of ​​the body. So we can say that they are good for one muscle group and another. This is the case of the clam, an excellent exercise to work the glutes or the dead bug (also known as ‘dead bug‘), with which our abs end on fire.

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    And this is the case of an exercise that we are going to see today, the Gorilla Row. Named for the position we have to adopt when doing it (when you see the image you will understand everything), this exercise is very complete since it involves the entire upper body while working the abdominals. Go, an ideal exercise to achieve that hourglass waist effect that we look for so much when doing abs.

    Given that by working the back we will visually reduce our waist centimeters. All with the extra that our abs are working and getting stronger by the second. All in one.

    How to do Gorilla Row

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    how it’s done– With your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart, get into a deadlift-like position with a straight back. From there, one kettebell with each hand and bring them one by one towards you making a movement similar to rowing. Repeat the movement 10 to 12 times with each arm for four sets.

    For this exercise we need, ideally, two kettlebells of the weight that each one considers appropriate, although if we do not have Russian weights at home we can also choose to do it with dumbbells.



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