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We always remember with special enthusiasm when we were young and used to attend birthday parties of a friend or classmate. There we all ate the same thing, i.e., typical sandwiches that were prepared for the occasion, French fries or nuts. It was not common to ask attendees if they had allergies or any kind of illness. Intolerance Eat

It’s funny what happens with allergies, now if we compare it to birthdays Nowadays, the first thing we do is ask The rest of the mothers find out what the children are allergic or intolerant to and thus provide an assortment of food for people suffering from celiac disease, people with allergies to eggs, milk, nuts, etc.

food allergies They affect 5% of the child population And for many allergists they are related to our lifestyle, stress, type of diet and the extra hygiene we currently practice. Milk, eggs and fish are the foods that cause the most problems in children. And nuts, fruits and seafood are the main causes of food allergies in adults.

This is how this simple app works to control food allergies and intolerances

an application to control Allergies

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