This is how the minute by minute of the great victory of Victoria over Marathón was lived in the Yankel of San Pedro Sula


THERE IS NO TIME FOR MORE! Victoria defeated Marathón 2-3 in San Pedro Sula and remains the absolute leader of the tournament with 15 points after six games played.

95′ Well, Marathón will continue to be unable to beat the Jaibos. Marco Tulio Vega looked at the yellow card and Damín Ramírez too.

94′ UUUYYYYY! Elmer Guity’s shot that passed close to Fonseca’s volley. I think that was the last one.

93′ Dangerous free kick for the greens. Maybe they tie it here.

92′ Well, the same story. The Marathon from set pieces did not generate any danger.

91′ The ‘Monster’ is running out of strength, although he gets a corner kick.


89′ Good maneuver by Elmer Guity, removing the mark, but his shot goes over the top.

88′ CLOSE! Marcelo Canales’s strong left-footed kick skimmed the crossbar.

87′ Free throw in favor of the jaibos. Is the room coming?

85′ And now Salomón Nazar asks his coaches for more concentration to close this spectacular somersault with victory.

83′ Shot by Carlos Róchez that hits the post and the rebound is left to Luis Hurtado who arrives to push and score the 2-3 against Marathón.


80′ Mayorquín left for Luis Garrido in Marathón.

79 & # 39; The Marathón players went over the referee because he did not stop the game. Victoria served quickly from the throw-in and scored the equalizer.

78 ‘ Alex Vega, who had only a couple of minutes after entering, scored the 2-2 when the Marathón players asked for assistance for Cálix, who was injured on the pitch.


73′ Yellow card for Mayorquín at the Marathón.

71′ Two more changes in Victoria: Marcelo Canales and Alex Vega for allan Banegas and Lahera.

70′ Salomón Nazar’s team does not react after the second goal of the locals.

69′ Victoria also moved the bench: Tobías left and Luis Urtado entered.

68 Solany Solano was booked by the juvenile Jeffrey Miranda in Marathon.

67 & # 39; Bryan Barrios breaks the lines and leaves it to the newly entered Santiago Córdoba to release a missile and score 2-1 over Victoria.


63′ Solano’s foul on Kennet Hernández on offense. The purslane is already cautioned and they forgive him the second yellow card.

61′ Launch by Carlos Róchez who had good power, but lacked a little direction.

60′ Foul on Allan Banegas and free kick for Victoria.

58′ Triple change in Marathon: Bryan Castillo, Elmer Guity and Santiago Córdoba enter for Frelys López, Isaac Castillo and Ovidio Lanza.

57′ UUUUFFFF! Tobías’s header after a free kick hits the post. The second goal of Victoria was close.

55′ The game has been filled with fouls from both sides. Little football.

53′ José Aguilera takes strong contact in a play that Lahera tried.

50 ‘The complement began to rub. Let’s hope that the two teams loosen up and create danger.

49 ‘Cálix’s launch and Fonseca leaves to keep the round.

48′ Strong foul by Kennet Hernández on Solano and they also paint it yellow. Free kick for the greens.

46′ It should be remembered that Marathón has not been able to beat Victoria since the ceibeños returned to the First Division.


TO THE REST! Marathón and Victoria draw 1-1 in a good game in San Pedro Sula. Marco Tulio Vega opened the scoring and Ovidio Lanza drew a draw.

45+5′ Marathón had the last one with another poorly executed free kick.

45+4′ Several inaccuracies in these last minutes of the first half. In addition, the game has been loaded with fouls.

45+3′ Carlos Róchez is located on the left, on the wing where the already booked ‘Chapeta’ Vargas defends.

45+2′ Another yellow card for Marathón. Braian Molina is the fourth for the greens.

45+1′ There is a change in Victoria before the break: The Sub-20, Kolton Kelly, left and Carlos Róchez entered.

45′ Five more minutes are added.

43′ Long shot by Fonseca looking for Vega, but the youngster José Aguilera clears without complicating himself.

41′ Allans Vargas is reprimanded for claims and is the third for Marathón.

40′ The game is stopped again to remove the pieces of paper that the Marathón fans threw on the field after the goal.

38 & # 39; It should be noted that Victoria has lost possession a little after conceding the goal. The greens now pull the strings.

36′ ‘Tato’ García had caught the attention of his players and it seems that this worked because they quickly got the tie.

35′ Center from the right by Bryan Barrios and Ovidio Lanza throws himself a ‘popcorn’ to tie the 1-1 draw against Victoria. great goal


33′ UUUUYYY! Frelys López had to tie. After a deflection on the corner kick, the ball reached the number ‘9’ who tried to put it in the corner and passed close by. Fonseca gets upset because the player was alone.

32′ It is costing Marathón to take danger although he has three corners, but he has not been able to take advantage of them.

30′ Lanza is now signaled offside. The Victoria looks comfortable, unhurried.

29′ Ovidio Lanza has to go down to the center of the field to have contact with the ball. Nothing gets to the attacker.

27′ The game resumes at the Yankel. Victoria continues to win.

26′ It stops the party: minute to hydrate in both teams.

25′ Lance foul on Allan Banegas in the midfield. The Marathón striker is saved from the yellow card.

23′ NOTHING HAPPENS! Free kick by Danilo Tobías that hits the barrier, Vega picks up the rebound and asks for a penalty. The referee says to “play”.

22′ Bryan Barrios sees the yellow card for a foul against Vega and a dangerous free kick for Victoria. Here may be the second.

20′ The ‘Monster’ still hasn’t figured out how to hurt the ‘Jaibos’.

18′ Yellow card for Allan Banegas for a foul against Solano, but the Marathón player is also booked for reacting with a slap.

15′ Good minutes from Victoria, who proposes a game and Marathon without clear ideas until now.

14 ‘Urbina’s shot that goes just above Denova’s cabin.

13′ And now a dangerous free kick for Victoria.

12 & # 39; Marathón is not taking advantage of set pieces.

10 & # 39; And now the Marathon is trying to react, advancing the ranks a bit.

8 & # 39; Marco Tulio Vega does not forgive this time and sends the ball to the bottom after an assist that stopped the Marathón defense. Striker’s cross shot to beat Denovan. 0-1.


6′ Cristian Cálix receives a foul from Allan Banegas. Free kick for Marathón that did not end in anything.

5′ Foul in favor of Marathón after an explosive start to the visit.

3 & # 39; Victoria dominates at this start of the match.

1′ NEAR! Victoria’s first notice. Shot by Marco Tulio after catching the purslane defense asleep and Denovan was attentive.

THE BALL MOVED! Marathón and Victoria already measure forces in San Pedro Sula.

The Victory directed by Solomon Nazar is measured this afternoon before marathon for matchday 6 of Clausura 2022 at the Yankel Rosenthal Stadium.

Among the main novelties of the Ceibeño team, the midfielder stands out Allan Banegas who had been absent due to injury, in addition to Yaudel Lahera and Arnaldo Urbina after overcoming Covid-19.

Captain Jose Colon was not summoned after being diagnosed with dengue. His place was taken by Carlos Palacios.

By the side of marathonThe front Luke Bell the match is lost due to injury. Sensitive low for DT ‘Tato’ García.

Confirmed lineups

Marathon: Denovan Towers; Bryan Barrios, Allans Vargas, Braian Molina, Jose Aguilera; Reinieri Mayorquín, Isaac Castillo, Cristian Calix, Solany Solano; Frelys López and Ovidio Lanza.

Victory: Harold Fonseca; Samuel Cordova, Kenneth Hernandez, Marlon Flores, Arnaldo Urbina; José Tobías, Allan Banegas, Kolton Yamal Kelly, Damín Ramírez; Yaudel Lahera and Marco Tulio Vega.

Schedule: 3:06 PM from Honduras.

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