This is how the underwater scenes of ‘Megalodon 2’ were recorded with Jason Statham

‘Megalodon 2’ has been one of the box office surprises, in which Jason Statham faces three megalodon hungry for revenge. Filming the action scenes wasn’t easy, so we share some behind-the-scenes secrets with you

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megalodon 2 It introduced new specimens of pre-Hispanic sharks, but also included other creatures of the abyss that would destroy everything in their path. Although scientific studies have shown that humans are not the preferred food of these animals, in Ben Wheatley’s version Jason Statham And the company must prevent hundreds of people from a bloody death at the hands of these creatures.

sequel to Megalodon It has been described as a marine Jurassic Park, as we not only see giant sharks and squid, but also a species of dinosaur. Although the animals were created with CGI and visual effects, the actors had to perform various stunts underwater, So filming the tape was not easy. Below we are sharing some behind the scenes scenes which will surely change your perspective towards the film, Now available in all cinemas including Cinemax Forum and Cinepolis Plaza Cristal Xalpa.

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