This is how the version of ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus sounds in flamenco and in Spanish | Music

Add and continue! Flowers by Miley Cyrus has become a real hit. The American has returned to music in style with a one hundred percent pop song where she sends a clear message: the only person you need to be happy is yourself.

The song has become the fastest in history to reach 100 million views on Spotify. A record that had until now Taylor Swift. But the Flowers phenomenon has gone further. And there are many artists who have covered this song in recent days.

One of them has been Rozalén herself. The singer-songwriter from La Mancha has been encouraged to cover the theme. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, the interpreter of La Puerta Violeta has begun to sing.

“I’ve been alone at home for days devoting time to words and songs. I like learning and singing songs from others. I enjoy it and for me it is a fundamental source of inspiration”, Rozalén has written next to the video.

the flamenco version

But Rozalén has not been the only one to cover this song. If one enters TikTok, one can find many artists singing the theme of Miley Cyrus. But if there is one that has caught our attention, it has undoubtedly been the Spanish and flamenco version by Luis Romero. The tiktoker, known for covering themes in this genre, has captured the attention of users.

“I can buy a thousand flowers, put my name in the sand of the sea. I can be alone without anyone, I doubt you’re capable. I am my dance partner. I am my story when walking. I can love myself better than you can,” she says in the lyrics.

But it is not the only success that has covered these weeks. The young man has also shared a very flamenco version of Shakira and Bizarrap’s session 53 on his account. And we have to admit that it doesn’t sound bad at all.

We certainly love to see new versions of our favorite themes!

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