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This January 11 Shakira and Bizarrap published their new single: ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’which is being a trend in social networks.

In mid-2022, the Colombian announced her separation with former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, news that ignited social networks, because as a result, many of the ex-partner’s fans began to comment on the breakup.

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Now, his new single is a trend because it is loaded with hints towards Spanish. Also, because Argentine producer Bizzarrap is known in the music industry for being a specialist in producing sarcastic, critical and innuendo-filled songs when it comes to insulting other people. For example, when he collaborated with Puerto Rican Residente against J Balvin.


@Adolfo Rodríguez’s Twitter

The publication of ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ was made on the YouTube account of the Argentineachieving more than three million reproductions in less than an hour and more than one hundred and nine thousand comments, in which Internet users showed their support for the Colombian artist.

Answers from Shakira’s followers for her new song.


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“We must all applaud Shakira for expressing her feelings in this song”, “Shakira is the best”, “Women no longer cry, they bill” and “It was worth waiting until late to hear this jewel of a song”, among others .

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However, other users reacted to the song on social networks with memes, in which they joked about the situation and demonstrated the reaction they had when they heard the single for the first time.

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