This is how Valve stays alive with its classic

Valve celebrated the weekend by giving away the flagship piece of its most iconic game on Steam

25 years ago, the game’s release changed everything and made Valve one of the key names in modern video games. A game that, due to the technological deficiencies of its visual aspect, has gone through a series of updates and additions that make it perfectly playable today. The title that always revolutionized first-person probability games is still as fascinating today as it was five years ago.

To celebrate this redundant event, Valve has given away the game on Steam (last weekend it is not completely free, but it is not much more expensive either: Valve keeps a 90% discount, which reduces the story starring Grodon Freeman from 8′). 19 euros at 0’81). That’s why I wanted to talk about it, especially thanks to those who included Valve in the game.

The full list is detailed on the game’s website. But here’s a summary of the anniversary news that Valve announced:

In addition, Valve has developed a documentary about the game that captures many of the original implications and can be found for free on the company’s YouTube channel. Valve also comments that this is going to be the definitive version of ‘Half-Life’, and that from now on ‘Source’ will receive less visibility in the store (although it will still be available).

Half-Life lives, the next step

The result of this past week and the possibility of playing it for free has caused an avalanche of users who have registered on Steam. last Sunday 33,471 simultaneous players attended, a trend that has not completely disappeared since a few months ago there were 25,866. 25 years later, this classic that revolutionized the way of playing first-person action games is still fully valid.

Today, Valve brings a very different pace than other companies in the field of game publishing (and not just because Gabe Newell, its president, is dedicated to changing cooking techniques). In the store it has diversified and gives you so many benefits through pure and simple development that you don’t need to give hints about the eternal ‘Half-Life 3’: it has the Steam device, opens hardware like Steam Deck and SteamVR and needs to stay up to date with constant free updates that include millions of players even without titles, such as ‘Counter Strike’ or ‘Dota 2’.

But Valve does not forget the legacy, and that is why it is responsible for maintaining an incombustible classic like ‘Half-Life’. The concerns that your hands allude to a type of gamer who is not the eternal pendant of the latest (and most recent) AAA release is the example that has been set in these 25th anniversary adjustments, to improve physics, graphics, menus and many more . Details of a game that was perfect for you. The figure of 33,471 contestants may not be too big when compared to the nearest thousand players who win ‘Counter-Strike’ every day, but 25 years later, it shows why ‘Half-Life’ is still king. Y valve in perfect consort.

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