this is how we will wear moccasins this season

The loafers They are a shoe that has reigned in the trendssince they are the classic shoes that provide comfort, as well as adding elegance and sophistication to any look.

Experts in the field had already stated that the loafers they were going to succeed in the street style of 2022, since from the catwalks we saw these parade shoes as the perfect companion to combine a look winner.

If you are looking to invest in timeless shoes that you can wear all year round, some loafers They are an excellent alternative, as these tend to adapt to any style, while adding that elegant but chic touch to your look.

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Next we tell you how they are going to wear some loafers this season, so you can take note of the garments that will be your best allies when putting together a look with these shoes.

Mini skirt with socks

Combine a mini skirt with some loafers takes us back to the most iconic fashion of the 90s, where this duo was a trend that conquered and continues to do so today, because Lily Collins recently confirmed that this trend is back, you just need to add some socks to your look and you will be ready to succeed.

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Midi dresses and skirts

Adding two closet classics can be an excellent alternative when putting together a winning look, because in spring midi dresses are an infallible that will save you from any fashion emergency and if you want to add a sophisticated twist, complementing it with delicate loafers will make you stand out.

And if you want to wear an elegant look to the office and you only have a midi skirt in your wardrobe, don’t worry, because this garment is also an option to look more elegant than ever.

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As we mentioned before, the loafers They are part of the favorite footwear of fashionistas at heart as they are a chameleonic shoe that adapts to any look, so you will have no excuses for not having more than one pair in your closet.

To put together a relaxed look, jeans are our first option and when concluding with some loafers you will get the master formula to look spectacular. Add a basic t-shirt for a carefree look and a blazer for a sophisticated look.

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Business suit

The fashion experts said it, that the tailored suit will reign this season and we have confirmed it by seeing more and more these outfits as a winning bet to look more elegant and sexy than ever.

And if you still had doubts, Dua Lipa recently confirmed it by posing in a beige tailored suit that we immediately fell in love with and of course the shoes chosen to wear this look were some loafers.

Photo: Instagram @voguemagazine /Pinterest

oversized sweater

The oversize trend is here to stay and in spring it will also be more than present, so if you want an original and very comfortable look, this season and the coming months, combine an XL sweater and some loafersIt will make you look like a diva.

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Plus: Add colors

The loafers They wear colors in spring. Adding some colorful shoes to your look will be a fun twist that will give freshness and a jovial touch to your style, as well as marking trend.

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The colors silver, gold, white and pink are the tones that are going to reign this season, but adding a color with more personality like green is also allowed.

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