This is how you can wear a suit to a wedding and not fail in the attempt

The cut

Just as we do not wear the same dress that we wear in our office to these types of commitments, the same goes for the suit. You also have to spend time searching. The silhouette we recommend leaning towards is pants wide legand sacks lightly oversizedare a factor that immediately rules out everyday life in the look.


Yes, in our daily lives we usually wear outfits with sneakers or low sandals, but this time there is only one option: high-heeled sandals or pumps. This item will help your look is appropriate for the event.

If your suit is black or some neutral tone (in wedding suits you can’t wear white or bone either) opt for your shoes to be in a vibrant color to give it a fun touch.

Your sneakers will be the perfect element to give a color accent to your look. Manolo Blahnik sneakers, $23,000 approx.


Wearing a suit to a wedding is not synonymous with looking less glam What if we attended with a dress. The accessories will help you solve it all, Bet on pieces that contrast with the color of the suit, The golden ones are always a great option, but you can also bet on multicolored jewels.

Of course the beauty look it’s all your choice, but with the suits we suggest you wear your hair up, here you can also make use of other accessories such as headdresses

more is more

If you have already decided that a suit is a great option for the wedding and you want to take it beyond the limit, Blake Lively in his film ‘A small favor’ will be your greatest inspiration. You can also bet on, if you decide to wear a shirt, add cufflinks, a tie (pure style madonna) and bows.

Blake Live
Suits have long been a Blake signature.

If the wedding is in a garden, then give the blouses and shirts a break and just bring the jacket. you can also do layering of garments with a matching vest or corset, they will be your best allies!

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