Mexicali.- The Psychiatric Institute of the State of Baja California (IPEBC) invites people to call line 075, where they can find free guidance and psychological assistance for those who need to face mental health problems that may arise. Requires help. Diagnosis of diabetes.

In this regard, Victor Salvador Rico Hernandez, Director General of IPEBC, explained that living with a chronic disease like diabetes has an impact on mental health because the person has to change habits for the rest of their life, taking more care of your health, If not managed properly, it can cause stress or lead to depression.

He noted that diabetes rarely presents as an isolated pathology, it usually occurs together with other chronic diseases, and it is also a real challenge for the patient, who sees changes in his quality of life, Due to which a situation of uncertainty, anxiety and panic arises. Depression., among other disorders related to the anxiety of suffering from the disease.

Studies show that people with diabetes are 20% more likely to have anxiety at some point in their lives than people who do not have diabetes.

Additionally, they are 2 to 3 times more likely to have depression; However, only 25 to 50% of people with this condition and are depressed seek care.

They indicated that timely diagnosis and treatment of any mental health conditions associated with diabetes can help in reducing depression and impulse control disorders like eating habits, adapting to the disease and its consequences, adopting healthy habits, managing negative emotions that appear Can help in coping with emotions, being assertive. Communication about the process being experienced, controlling stress levels to avoid disruption of glucose levels and, in general, improving the physical and emotional quality of life.