This is Jessica Alba’s technique to lift droopy eyelids WITHOUT surgery

Jessica Alba shares one of her secrets with us for show off an impact lookbecause through his social networks he shared the step by step for thelift droopy eyelids so be inspired by this proposal that will give you a lifting effect on the eyes. You will be surprised how easy and simple it is!

When we thought that stretching the skin and have a porcelain complexion it was only possible with surgeries, the actress of ‘Valentine’s Day’ shows us that there are products that can help with that mission, The best thing is that it is a very easy proposal to recreate.

This is how Jessica Alba lifts droopy eyelids INSTANTLY

Through her Instagram account, the celeb published a video in which she performed her night ritual skin care. One step that caught our attention was the apply a serum for accelerate eyelash growtha basic for himhave a look of impact in record time.

This is how Jessica Alba lifts droopy eyelids INSTANTLY. Photo: IG

How to make eyelashes grow with coconut oil?

This natural element is perfect for remove make-up from your face and nourish it at the same time, so we recommend you spread a little of this natural oil, massage gently and remove excess makeup with a cotton pad. Repeat this step every night to notice the expected results.

What is the best oil to grow eyelashes?

We know that the oils they are the best allies to have extra long eyelashesso take note of these three variants that will help you:

  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil
  • Almond oil

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