This is José Valero, the only Spaniard in Beyoncé’s dance group at her historic concert in Dubai

1,513 days have had to wait the millions of fans of Beyonce (41 years old) around the world for his favorite artist to get back on stage since the last time he did it.

It was last Saturday, January 21, when the performer most influential of music history emerged from the ground Hotel Atlantis The Royalin Dubai, with a dress of Atelier Zuhra in yellow, with which he pretended to be the sun itself that, after a time of darkness and shadow, pandemic and wars, at lastcame out and shined.

And it is that at last At lastin Spanish-, of etta jameswas the song chosen to open the private show to which only 1,500 people. One, almost, for each one of the eternal days that his followers had to endure the absence of Beyonce until his musical renaissance.

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Beyoncé, dressed by the Dubai firm Atelier Zuhra, at the 'opening' of her concert in Dubai this Saturday, January 21.

Beyoncé, dressed by the Dubai firm Atelier Zuhra, at the ‘opening’ of her concert in Dubai this Saturday, January 21.


The Show of the queen bee, for which he charged 24 million dollarswith a duration of 60 minutes -19 songs-, was made in collaboration with I.A.M. Entertainment, the first entertainment company founded Y directed by women in the Middle East. And while feminism has been a mantra ever since queenbey began composing his own songs more than 25 years ago, he has also used men for this historic concert. Among them, a Spaniard: jose louis valero.

But who is he? How did you become Beyoncé’s supporter in her dance troupe? What did it feel like to be responsible for placing the artist on the stage for the final number of the concert, when at the end of her theme drunk in love rose about a hundred meters creating the visual effect of levitating?

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jose louis valero He is from Villena, Alicante, He is 30 years old, he is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. With a passion for dance from a very young age, he trained between Madrid, London and Los Angeles, California, the birthplace of the show. He has been recognized professionally in Spain for his participation in the program Fame, let’s dance!from Movistar+, in 2018. There he managed to be a finalist.

Valero has danced with edges like Becky G. (25), Anitta (29), Pablo Alboran (33) or Lola Indigo (30), one of her great friends. mimiwhich is what her friends call the creator of I no longer want anything, published a post this past Sunday applauding Valero greatly after seeing him on stage with Beyoncé. “To the right of Queen Bey herself. you deserve it my friend. Dreams come true,” Lola wrote.

José Luis has worked at Levis -Shanghai-, has been part of the team of dancers Oh, la, la -Madrid and Zurich- and brands such as Vogue, Jaguar or Cartier. has also been one of the visible faces of the exclusive Billionaire club from Dubai, where he has now returned from the hand of Beyonce. During the summer season -from March to October-, she dances at 528 Ibiza.

Beyoncé and José Valero, to her right, wearing a cape and mask, in the first act of their concert held at Atlantis The Royal.

Beyoncé and José Valero, to her right, wearing a cape and mask, in the first act of their concert held at Atlantis The Royal.


Both Valero and the rest of the people who worked with Beyoncé for this concert, which marks the starting point of a year in which he will return with a world tour -RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR 2023-, they had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Finished on Showwas already able to express through his networks everything he had felt since he moved to the emirate at the beginning of the year to rehearse with one of the people he most admired in his life: Beyonce.

I need to assimilate these last 15 days. Soak up all the stimuli and sensations that I have experienced. I am that I do not fit in me. Yesterday I fulfilled my biggest professional dream“, begins Valero’s emotional post.”Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the precious messages that I am receiving. I’m in shock and happier than ever”, he continues. And he concludes: “Let no one ever tell you that you can’t or that something is impossible! Proud of my life, proud of me.”

Among the people who have reacted to what is undoubtedly the post most important of his professional career, are the aforementioned Lola Indigowho shows his “pride” for him, and also who was his teacher in Fame, let’s dance! 2018, the choreographer Rafael Mendez (47).

Like other of his colleagues from that well-remembered edition. In fact, many of them still hold the same user from Instagram of the day they entered the most famous dance academy on television: their name, valeroAccompanied by “fab18” -Fame, let’s dance! 2018-. “Congratulations, brother. What a joy to see you fulfill dreams”, they comment to a Jose who is still digesting having shared tables with the Queen.

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