This is known about Sabrina’s daughters, whom she abandoned to succeed in adult cinema

Sabrina Sabrok has stood out doing adult movies in the United States, but behind its success lies a sad abandonment storyWell, despite having been a mother from a very young age, the actress took very little care of her daughters.

Dulcinea is his eldest daughter. Photo: Special

How many daughters does Sabrina Sabrok have?

The exuberant ex-model had Dulcinea Dubaz when she was barely 25 years old in her native Argentinaalthough some years later, when he arrived in Mexico to begin his career in television, he met Erik Farjeata musician with whom she began a passionate romance and a career as a singer.

Erik and Sabrina were only together for five years, the product of the relationship was born Metztli Farjeata little girl who is currently 12 years old, who was born with autistic disorder and she is also deaf, which ultimately led to the rift between her parents.

Sabrina’s worst mistake

According to various publications, everything seems to indicate that since 2015, Sabrina stopped having regular contact with her daughters and left them in the care of their respective parents. There is currently a controversy over the pension payment of little Metztli.

A magazine publication tv notes assured that Metztli stopped seeing her mother at the age of five and she is constantly late with the payment of the alimony that the little girl uses to pay for her therapies and school.

The situation seems more worrying, since she never wanted to be a motherbut her partners asked her to have a child, so to date, motherhood is not a desire that she has as a woman.

Metztli is Sabrina’s second daughter. Photo: Instagram

What happened to Sabrina Sabrok’s daughters?

Sabrina’s coldness as a mother has been tremendously questioned, as Sabrok has publicly stated that maybe Erik is not the father of her youngest daughterWell, at that time, Sabrina also had a relationship on par with the fighter “El Cibernetico”.

Currently, Dulcinea is a 26-year-old girl, who has publicly said that he is not interested in being near his mother for considering her a very materialistic and selfish woman; while Erik, Metztli’s father has confirmed that the little girl remembers Sabrina very little.

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