This is Mexico’s position on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and threats from China – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the Mexico’s position before the provocative visit of Nancy Pelosi a Taiwan and military threats from China, is that of avoid the wars Y military confrontations.

Questioned on this issue at the morning press conference, the Mexican president called for all the countries of the world to formalize a five year trucein order to face the economic crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The position of our country is that there should be no warsthat agreements be sought through dialogue,” AMLO said this Wednesday at the National Palace.

“The world is ready to agree among all peoples and nations on a truce of at least 5 years to face the crisis”, he added, while asking for a stop the provocations and not contribute to the confrontation.

Likewise, the head of the Executive said that once the confrontations end (especially the war between Russia and Ukraine) the United Nations Organization (UN) could make a “revision” and that all the countries of the world commit themselves not to bet on military and commercial wars.

That affects us all. First the pandemic, then the war between Russia and Ukraine, now these tensions in Taiwan. We all have problems due to lack of economic growth, there is more and more povertyoh, there is one world inflation”, he reproached.

Finally, López Obrador said that “it’s not too much to ask” a USA, China Y Russia that they accept his proposal and pointed out that his administration does not “accept hegemonies.”

No government in the world can or should act irresponsibly”, he sentenced.

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