This is now Emma, ​​Rachel and Ross’ daughter on ‘Friends’

AndBorn emmadaughter of Rachel And RossThis is one of the most memorable moments of the series ‘Friend’, This happened two decades ago and, obviously, the baby who gave life to the couple’s newborn baby in the series has changed. Or, rather, children, since they were twins, Callie and Noel Sheldon, who, in quotes, played that role. Both are now actresses and have participated in various productions.

The most relevant role for the twins came in a horror film ‘We’ (‘Us’), directed by jordan peel And released on March 22, 2019. actors like Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke or Elisabeth Moss, Callie and Noel Sheldon give life tyler sisters And, without talking too much about spoilers, their own opponents.

Callie and Noel Sheldon He has fond memories of the team he was a part of ‘Friend’, “Everyone was very kind to us and treated us like little princesses. When the holidays came, they gave us Christmas gifts,” she said in the statement. insider In 2019. Furthermore, the treatment of his parents was extraordinary.

He insisted, “Our parents went to all the parties, including Christmas, and always talked to the actors. They were very kind and normal people, not arrogant or boastful or anything like that.” On the other hand, sisters Sheldon He holds his mother, a popular actress, in very high regard in the series Jennifer Aniston: “It’s a great inspiration.”

In any case, his parents ensured that the influence of fame was not harmful to him. As he revealed in an interview ‘Entertainment Tonight’In 2015, the relevance of his role was not really known. ‘Friend’, “I didn’t realize how important I was to the show until I was ten,” Noelle said.

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