This is Olympia, the innovative center that promotes sports, health and prevention

Innovation, knowledge, health and excellence. These are the four bastions of Olympia, the new Quirónsalud Group center located in the Caleido tower next to the Cuatro Torres Bussiness Area complex, in the financial district of Madrid.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and with expert specialists, this center of more than 12,000 square meters distributed over three floors offers personalized health servicesprevention and promotion of sport.

Olympia’s concept is based on people-centered medicine, applying new trends in physical, mental and emotional health care.

Olympia focuses on physical, mental and emotional health care

This project is not only aimed at those with health problems, it is also aimed at healthy people from well-being, sports, controlled physical exercisenutrition and those who wish to take care of themselves and alleviate the effects of age.

Three centers in one

The quality and variety of services offered by this new Quirónsalud Group center It is distributed in three well differentiated areas: Sport Center, Lifestyle Center and Medical Center.

The equipment of the Sport Center has the most cutting-edge technological equipment.
The equipment of the Sport Center has the most cutting-edge technological equipment.

Experts in traumatology, sports medicine, cardiology, podiatry, physiotherapy, psychology and musculoskeletal diagnosis, among others, value sports center the physical conditions to perform sports in a healthy and controlled way. Specialists treat all types of trauma and sports injuries, optimizing the physical condition of the professional or amateur athlete. Users can enjoy a 300-square-meter gym that brings together the most sophisticated equipment on the market, with thermal and rehabilitation pools and an Ice-Lab comprehensive cryotherapy room, among others.

More focused on the prevention, longevity and treatment of chronic patients is the Lifestyle Center, which accompanies people to achieve sustainable health from an integrative and functional approach. Made up of internationally renowned physicians, it has specialized units in gynaecology, rest management, neurology, nutrition, comprehensive medicine and dermatology, among many others, and has a facial, body, vascular and intimate aesthetic unit.

Lifestyle Center has specialized units in gynecology, rest management, neurology, nutrition, comprehensive medicine and dermatology

The third estate, the Medical Center, is a medical-surgical center in which all the medical and surgical specialties work in coordination to attend to any type of pathology. Is formed numerous medical and surgical specialists and a major outpatient surgery service with the most advanced technology, which allows them to perform minimally invasive techniques to avoid admission.

This avant-garde space is made up of 68 high-resolution consultations, 25 examination and treatment rooms, 4 highly equipped operating rooms10 boxes in the resuscitation area (URPA), 12 surgical day hospital boxes, 2 endoscopy rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The Medical Center is completed with a radiodiagnosis area and a laboratory that includes advanced tests and five extraction stationsamong other services already operational.

The Medical Center has a laboratory and five extraction stations already available for patients

Thus, Olympia offers the best and most modern services for the prevention and recovery of chronic diseases, with a people-centered philosophy.

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