This is Paul Boukadakis, the boyfriend of Ana de Armas who is the CEO of Tinder

Anne of Arms has fallen in love again, there are no doubts, and the lucky one with whom he has had a ‘match’ has been Paul Boukadakis, the vice president of Tinder. The couple has been shown at the film festival and the looks of complicity and their faces full of joy have witnessed the moment that Ana de Armas and her new boyfriend live.

Ana de Armas’s career began in Spainwhere he played one of the main roles in The intership. From there, she has interspersed hits until she became one of the most recognized international profiles nowadays. She was one of the most anticipated artists in the film Festival of Venice and her new partner, has drawn the attention of the media.

Paul Boukadakis, the boyfriend of Ana de Armas

It seems that this couple met through a mutual friend who presented them in 2020. The first time they could be seen together was in 2021 and it has been this last year, when they have chosen to make it official. They both choose to wear a personal and romantic life discreet and away from the camerasTherefore, they have not wanted to offer too many details.

It surprises many that this relationship will not start with a ‘match’ on Tinder and that is Paul Boukadakis, works at Tinder as Vice President. He was born in 1984 and his career began linked to the world of cinema and music. However, when he was still very young, he was encouraged to found his own company. At only 26 years old, he gave life to On Air Streaminga platform to watch streaming videos and music.

This first step encouraged him to continue working on several technological projects and with it, ended up getting attention from Tinder. The directors of this application signed him as vice president of special initiatives. In this role, he has spearheaded various initiatives such as the ‘Swipe Night’ interactive experience.

The cinema, a passion that the couple shares

Technology has played an essential and priority role in the life of this businessman, however, it is also a passionate about cinema. He shares this passion with Ana de Armas and that is because her boyfriend has been an actor and producer of short films and miniseries. He appears as a producer in titles such as ‘The Snow Monster’ or ‘The Berkshire Apprentice’ and as an actor in other works such as ‘Dinner With Raphael’.

For this couple, preserving privacy is being essentialTherefore, it is rare the occasion in which they are encouraged to show their love in public or on social networks. It seems that, for the moment, they have not been seen too much on the red carpet either, who knows if over time they will opt for a more public profile. However, the few images that have been found of the couple are running through social networks and it is that the fame of Ana de Armas has put them in the spotlight of their followers.

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