this is the family that will live in the Casa de Nariño

New guests arrived at the Casa de Nariño. This is the family of Gustavo Petro, the President of the Republic who will walk the halls for the next four years.

He will be accompanied by the first lady, Verónica Alcocer, and her children: Nicolás Petro, Nicolás Alcocer, Sofía, Antonella and Andrea. There will also be Juan Fernando Petro, the president’s brother, who will be the High Commissioner of the Peace Corps. These are the Petros.

It is about a family in which love is lived without limits. They all consider themselves part of the same troop, despite his father’s three romantic relationships. They have carried the weight of being children of a persecuted and threatened man, and that has marked them to such an extent that the majority decided not to live in Colombia so as not to use escorts or have to protect themselves for fear of being attacked. However, in this campaign everyone got together to support their father, as best they could. Verónica Alcocer, the new first lady, considers them all as her children. This is the family that arrives at the Casa de Nariño.

Veronica Alcocer

Veronica’s love with Gustavo Petro was at first sight. He complimented her when she visited her university. And she, who didn’t know much about him, copied. At the time, she already had a son, Nicolás Arbeláez, whom the current president assumed as his own; Sofia and Antonella were born from that marriage with Petro.

Veronica has been very active in the midst of this campaign. Not only has she taken to the streets to ask them to vote for her husband, but she has also been seen on the run, away from Petro, and showing herself to be authentic and powerful. One of the things that caught the most attention in these months was his spontaneity, his Caribbean personality and his spirit of speaking openly.

Even in the midst of the ‘petrovideos’ scandal, several anecdotes remained; for example, the one in which he scolded Petro for not using WhatsApp and not knowing how the lies against him were spread out there. He also asked the strategists for constant recommendations on how to get around and go out on the streets to seek votes. He is expected to play a leading role from the Government.

Verónica was born in Sincelejo and carries the Caribbean in her veins. As a particular fact, her family was of conservative origin and her father was a special admirer of Álvaro Gómez.

Sofia Petro

She is one of the candidate’s daughters and, in the midst of this campaign, she has been one of the most visible faces, especially for her feminist and youth position. Although she likes and is passionate about talking about politics and the causes she believes in, she says that she would not like to hold public office or be a congresswoman.

“I am a person who cannot remain silent in the face of things that bother me a lot and seem unfair”he told SEMANA.

She is a student of Social Sciences in France and is about to graduate. She had the opportunity to carry out her professional internship in her father’s campaign and where she has accompanied him on several of his tours. “I am very happy to have him and to know who he is with his transparency and consistency,” she assured.

As has happened to practically the entire Petro family, Sofía has received some attacks throughout her life. However, he also says that his work and his coherence in the positions he has had from different sectors have been recognized.

Andrea, Petro's eldest daughter, came with her daughter to Bogotá to accompany her father to vote in the first round.
Andrea, Petro’s eldest daughter, came with her daughter to Bogotá to accompany her father to vote in the first round. – Photo: ESTEBAN VEGA – week

Andrea Petro

She is Petro’s eldest daughter. She was born from the relationship she had with Mary Luz Herrán, her first love and who was also a member of the M-19. The couple also conceived Andres.

Andrea lived her childhood in Belgium when the current president had a diplomatic position, which he assumed because his life was in danger in the country due to his political positions. “It was a piece of my happy life in another country. I did not know Colombia. When we came back he didn’t even speak Spanish, only French,” Andrea told SEMANA.

Currently, she lives in France together with her two daughters, the only grandchildren of Gustavo Petro. She says that despite the fact that her father came to power, she will continue her ordinary life in that country because she does not want them to have to live in the midst of dangers. Andrea says that, contrary to what most people think, she has not had comforts and, at times, has been cut off from her father. She made her career in that European country and thanks to the opportunities that she herself sought today she has consolidated an entire project there. She had various jobs, “even at McDonald’s,” she says with a laugh. But for Andrea, that is what she likes most about being there: that she can be an ordinary person.

Along with his brother Andrés, they lived through a stage that the other sons of the president-elect have not touched. Despite the differences and the distance, she says that she currently feels very close, not only with the new president, but with her brothers.

The Petro Alcocer family has been very united.  In the middle of the campaign, both Verónica and her daughters, especially Sofía, were decisive for the victory of the new president.
The Petro Alcocer family has been very united. In the middle of the campaign, both Verónica and her daughters, especially Sofía, were decisive for the victory of the new president. – Photo: ALEXANDRA RUIZ

Antonella Petro

She is the youngest of the new president’s daughters. She is 14 years old and studies at the French Lyceum. Since the last election she has been one of the most beloved protagonists of the campaign. “I will be with you through the good times and the bad. I’ll make you smile, whether it’s playing soccer with our dogs or reading the books you love so much. Remember that time you faced, for me, your greatest fear: getting on a roller coaster with me. That shows me your unconditional love,” Antonella wrote in the letter published by the former candidate’s children in SEMANA, when Petro made it to the second round.


Nicholas Petro

He is one of the candidate’s sons and is the one who has followed his footsteps the most in politics. He was born from the relationship that the president-elect had with Katia Burgos. Currently, he is a deputy for the Atlantic and, along with other leaders of the Pact in the Caribbean, he was the one who organized almost all of Petro’s campaign issues in the region.

Nicolás is the most politically active, not only because he holds public office, but also because he has given his full opinion on politics four years ago, when his father came in second place.


Andres Petro

He is one of the eldest sons of the president. He has been completely away from politics. He is also the son of Mary Luz Herrán and since he was very young, like Andrea, he has lived outside the country. He currently resides in Canada.

It was very difficult for Andrés to go to that country, but there came a time when the situation warranted it because the threats became constant. On one occasion they even intimidated him with a knife at a TransMilenio station.


Nicholas Alcocer

He is the son of Veronica Alcocer. Although he is not the biological father, Petro has stressed on several occasions that he considers him as one more son. All of Petro’s children are very close.

“I took in my son Nicolás Arbeláez from a very young age and raised him until he has become a complete doctor. The future of our country will remain in their hands, if we are capable of making the changes now”Petro said on one occasion, with a photograph next to him.

He lives in France, and although he has been away from politics, he has said that he wants to be more active in these four years in which his father is going to govern the country. He would like to create an environmentally friendly company in Colombia.

Gustavo Petro Sierra

He is the father of the new president. Despite being 87 years old, in the middle of this campaign he did not sit still and went out in search of votes for his son. He is from Ciénaga de Oro and assures that his son was born there.

“He was a very calm boy, he wasn’t foolish (to spank him), he wasn’t naughty. The truth is that he didn’t cry, he didn’t bother me at all. The only thing is that it bothered him a bit for meals because they had to be made separately,” Petro’s father told SEMANA.

She also said that her son has been passionate about reading since he was a child. “He is a supremely intelligent person. He has a facility for reading and analysis, not to mention that he is a pure mathematician”, commented Gustavo Petro Sierra.

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