This is the famous bakery where the Jonas Brothers enjoyed a delicious meal

In music, as in food, after hearing that a band or restaurant wins awards, it is normal to feel curious about trying that style at least once in a lifetime and if it is within our possibilities. And it seems that Mexican gastronomy is at its best, as it is attracting not only famous and renowned chefs, such as Dabiz Muñoz, but also some celebrities such as Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, who ate at Pujol, during their visit to Mexico and more recently, the Jonas Brothers at the Rosetta Bakery.

And it is that taking advantage of their concert tour in Latin America and their visit to Mexico, the boy band of the Hermanos Jonas, They decided to take a short break and go eat or maybe have a snack at the Rosetta Bakerylocated in Colonia Roma Norte, or at least that is how Joe Jonas revealed it in his Instagram stories where he showed the facilities of the place, as well as the journalist who accompanies them, José Alejandro Antunes, who likewise published an Instagram Story showing off that They had bought some bread.

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