This is the fortune that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez charge for appearing 3 minutes on camera

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One of the celebrity couples that usually hogs the cameras every time they make a public appearance is made up of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopezwho seem not to suffice with the millions of dollars they already own but have found a way to continue billing but this time using in their favor the ring that both could have in their hands just months ago, since thanks to their status as husband and wife They managed to earn an exorbitant sum of money for appearing only a few seconds or minutes on the screen.

Let us remember that during the Super Bowlthe most important annual sporting event in the US, the owners of Dunkin ‘Donuts offered Ben Affleck a million-dollar contract to make the commercial before the halftime show that this year was starred by nothing more and nothing less than Rihanna.

This commercial was seen by more than 180 million viewers who were waiting for the show and for this reason the husband of Jennifer Lopez and stepfather of Emme Muñiz He charged $10 million for just a few minutes on screen.

In the ad, you can not only see Ben Affleck characterized as a Dunkin Donuts worker taking orders, but in one of the cars that passes through the box you can see Jennifer Lopez also participating in the few minutes of commercial. In it commercial Emme Muñíz’s mother is surprised to see him and asks him what he is doing in the store and for this simple question the franchise paid the couple an additional million dollars on top of the 10 already given to the actor for your participation.

Although the numbers seem surprising, in reality they are not so much since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are two of the most beloved and important figures of the show and even as a couple their value increased since they are one of the favorite couples in the world of North American entertainment. Emme Muiz’s mother and the Batman actor even have their own couple’s name, the famous Bennifer, given by fans in the 2000s when both celebrities had their first relationship.

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