This is the impressive luxury kitchen of Kim Kardashian’s ex

Kim Kardashian’s first boyfriend since their 2021 divorce, Pete Davidson, has put his luxurious Staten Island mansion up for sale, which boasts a luxurious Open Concept kitchen overlooking New York City.

peter davidson He is a renowned American comedian, actor, writer, singer, and rapper, who was part of the cast of the NBC late-night sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live for eight seasons, ending in 2022, a pivotal year, where he also ended his relationship with the celebrity Kim Kardashian.

At only 29 years old, and having started his career in 2013, it is surprising how fortunate he currently is. Pete Davidson, who was in a relationship with the socialite, kim kardashian, for nine months. And if both celebrities had something in common, it is precisely the many millions in their pockets.

And only those who have a great fortune can afford to buy a mansion valued at $1.3 million, but which Davidson has been put up for sale, according to a People.com note. The ex of kim kardashian He would have put his Staten Island home up for sale to move to Brooklyn.

The ex’s house Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, what is for sale on Staten Island, it has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a private terrace with a luxurious dining room that offers dream views of the New York City skyline. This space is accessed through a glass door that connects the terrace with another kitchen area and living room with Open Concept design.

Inside this open-plan living room in the house of the former de kim kardashian, We can see a very well thought-out concept where a lot of space is gained by joining the kitchen with the living room, accompanied by large windows from which abundant natural light is perceived, and at the same time, allows you to enjoy the view of the Big Apple.

The contrast of the electric blue furniture with the white walls, and high-end lead gray appliances, give an elegant touch to this space with an Open Concept design in the house of the former de Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson. In turn, the cascading marble countertops, accompanied by four tall gray stools, are perfectly complemented by the cabinets of the same tone, and small silver ornaments.

This is the impressive luxury kitchen of Kim Kardashian’s ex. Photo: People.com

This is the impressive luxury dining room of Kim Kardashian’s ex. Photo: People.com

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