This is the luxurious hacienda where Vicente Fernandez Jr. will marry ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’.

Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Mariana Gonzalez chose a spectacular hacienda to celebrate their wedding (Instagram/@marianagp01/@haciendalaescoba1840)

After dating for over a year, Vicente Fernandez Jr. And Mariana Gonzalezalso known as mexican kim kardashian or of TepatitlánWill get married on 18th November in a luxurious estate.

The couple shared through their social networks the first photos of the place where they will celebrate their union at the altar. He decided that it would take place in his native Jalisco, and contrary to speculation that it would take place in the fields ChenteLos Tres Potrillos, went for a much more extravagant option.

As Mariana has shown on her social networks, there will be celebrations and parties Hacienda La Escobaa hotel five starsThere is a garden, party room and spa.

The hotel has several swimming pools (Instagram/@haciendlaescoba1840)

The businesswoman showed that she and her future husband will stay in the same place tonight, her room has a living room for two, a Jacuzzi and a bathroom. In addition, they also have a pool and a small terrace.

Hacienda La Escoba is known as an estate where dozens of couples get married, its gardens have been the perfect setting for the beginning of various love stories.

The hotel is surrounded by Forest and it is related Lake, so they have various venues where events can be held. There is Aqueduct Courtyard, Main Hall, Ruins Hall, Church and Esplanade overlooking the lake. All these rooms are customized for the hosts to organize the function with their most unique demands.

The local church is where most couples decide to have their wedding (Instagram/@haciendlaescoba1840)

The official site of the Hacienda reports that the property began to come into existence 1840When a textile production center was built that quickly became an indispensable company for the economy zapopan,

It underwent major changes in 1910 because of looting and fire during the Mexican Revolution, which caused serious deterioration of its structure. It wasn’t until 1995 that it had new owners, who renovated it so that it became a thriving venue once again.

National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) intervened to restore the ruined buildings, which were the Big House, the Chapel, a part of the factory, the Loom Hall and the Aqueduct.

Currently, La Escoba is historical heritage of the nation,

The couple has known each other since before 2020 (Instagram/@marianagp01)

Eldest son of Mariana Gonzalez and charro de huentitan He They met He took the first step by sending a message to the businesswoman through social networks. Instagram,

In 2020 they shared their first publication together on social networks, making their romance well known. Since then, they have shown the different trips they take together, the events they attend as a couple and the bad moments they have had together.

The thing that attracted the most attention in this relationship is Vicente 19 years older He kardashians of tepatitlánBut criticism of their age difference has not been the cause of separation or problems between them.

Mariana and Vicente have faced criticism for everything from their relationship, to their expensive trips, to their beauty regimes, to their ages (Instagram/@marianagp01)

Faced with criticism because she is allegedly interested and only cares about her boyfriend’s money, she showed that throughout her life she has had a successful career as a businesswoman with her own businesses, This is why he showed that he would not need financial support. Of the Fernandez family.

Finally during a visit in December 2022 France, Vicente Fernández proposed to Mariana in a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. She accepted without hesitation and they began planning the wedding.

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