This is the modest dining room of Angelina Jolie’s house in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie is a particular actress whose charm is found in her eyes, in the way she carries herself, in her character and in her actions, which often leave people wondering if she is an extrovert or an introvert.

Angelina Jolie She is one of the best actresses in the world, there is no doubt about that, and since she stepped foot on a film set, movies have been enriched by the actress’s talent. Her filmography is varied, showing that she can adapt to the role of her that is put in front of her.

Angelina Jolie has a great fortune, valued at 120 million dollars and he has not only obtained them with film projects, but also thanks to the advertisements he has developed. In fact, today we want to talk about the dining room of his house in Cambodia, a view that was made possible thanks to the filming of a publicity video.

It is about advertising directed by the Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubeski for the fragrance campaign Mon Guerlainfilmed on the property of Angelina Jolie in the Asian country, a traditional home that does not have the brightness and charm of Hollywood, but rather the brightness of the Cambodian jungle.

The room is very spacious and this is to be expected, since the humidity of the jungle usually generates a more than warm climate, so the simple, not overloaded and spacious spaces mitigate that sensation of suffocating heat. The floor is made of light wooden planks that do not have varnish, but rather a protector to prevent wear and tear, offering a matt-colored floor.

The dining room table is a simple wicker set with capacity for eight people. The comfortable chairs with a design that is surely local are perfect to offer comfort to those who like to eat in the distant home of Jolie.

The table is made of simple but resistant wood and a light color. The lighting, in addition to the one that enters naturally, consists of four wicker lamps that descend to half a meter above the table. Also part of the decoration are two timeless and disparate tables, one on which stands a mirror, and another that has a lamp for extra light at night.

If you want to see the full video, click here.

This is the modest dining room of Angelina Jolie’s house in Cambodia. Source: Fans of Angelina Jolie Youtube.

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