This is the most absurd city in Catalonia

does it ring a bell bescaran, It is a small municipality in Alt Urgell, far away from the rest of the world: It is situated on the top of a mountain 1,300 meters high. Due to these conditions, its inhabitants spent the winters in isolation. And precisely because of this isolation, the neighbors used to create a whole series of fables regarding Bescaron. Result? It has been recognized as one of the most absurd cities in Catalonia.

For example, Bescaran of the past is said to have hardly come down from the mountain. it gave them migraines Inability to tolerate even minimal urban noise. It was said that the counts and lords of the place had forgotten about Bescaron’s existence, to the extent that in 1278 a count of Foix, upon learning that the municipality existed, gave up trying to govern it. and set it free.

More Wild Baskeran gossip? Let’s take a look at what he said about his women. Apparently, they were so ignorant that they took the long way to the Seu d’Urgel to look for oil, but they only bought a glass of oil. He returned to Bescaron, he realized his mistake, the next day he returned to Seu d’Urgel, he returned only to buy a glass of oil… And so on a thousand times until they got the oil they wanted.

Another legend about Beskaran claims that the inhabitants did not know how to light a fire, When the bonfire went out he had to notify the mayor of La Seu d’Urgel himself so that he could rekindle it. And they never taught themselves how to do it!

The last great absurdity of Baskaran had to do with his sheep. Its church and its belfry were completely torn apart. One in the center of the city and the other away. Since the neighbors criticized him for this, They decided to push the bell tower stretched with ropes made of sheep’s wool. Since it was the month of December, the shearing caused constipation to the whole herd, the ropes broke and the belfry did not move from its place.

Perhaps the moral of Catalonia’s supposedly most absurd city is that gossiping about a neighboring municipality is a waste of time, but at least it helps You have read a funny and curious summer article,

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