This Is the Most Casual Airport Look (According to Rosalia and Emily Ratajkowski)

The essential companion to complete any style, Hats are a very versatile accessory Which, although many people think otherwise, is not just for summer. Apart from adorning us and protecting us from the sun’s rays, this accessory also serves to keep the head warm when the temperature drops. However, Rosalia takes the step of going too far.

Accustomed to seeing caps with brand logos, or the names of British and American cities, the singer braved In red and it pays homage to the Andalusian capital. Perhaps it is a gift from a follower, or the artist’s own acquisition after his time in Seville, what is clear is that it Rosalia knows how to combine even the most unexpected accessories. to complete it Look He was also wearing shoes with soles at the airport wayA practical sports bag also in black and her manicure milky nails,

Emily Ratajkowski and her stylistic mastery when it comes to taking it easy on the street

Emily Ratajkowski He is probably one of the most important fashion prescribers today and yesterday, he chose an outfit that Rosalia wore as she walked through the Miami airport. In her case, the model wore a gray sweatshirt Joe’s Pizza, a very popular pizza chain in New York, and a pair of black sweatpants. Although Ratajkowski chose this loose two-piece look for outings, it totally applies to what we imagine she’d want walking through a boarding gate.

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