This is the most watched action movie on Netflix and yes, it includes massive explosions and The Rock

Within the world of entertainment, there is no doubt that streaming services have been betting heavily on having their own productions to attract more public to their platforms. Netflix hasn’t been far behind in recent years, for a sample, ‘Glass Onion’ and ‘Don’t Look Up’ which are two recent productions that have surprised the audience, however, the most viewed and best valued original film according to Netflix’s own score, is ‘Red alert.’ (‘Red Notice’).

Between ‘Fast and Furious’ and superhero movies

‘Red alert’ premiered in November 2021 on Netflix and quickly became one of the favorite movies on the service, starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson offers us a hilarious production full of action, jokes and an exciting story of thieves in the style of ‘The Big Swindle’.

curiously the protagonists of this tape They have worked in superhero movies or participated in the ‘Fast and Furious’ films, which made the audience of these franchises excited to see these three actors of the moment together for the first time.

The most watched movie on Netflix and with sequels on the way

Since its premiere on the streaming platform, ‘Red alert’ has accumulated 328.8 million hours of viewingstaying above the tapes ‘Don’t Look Up’ with 321.5 million hours and ‘Glass Onion’ which is positioned in third place with 209 million hours of viewing.

The tremendous success of the film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurberwho had previously worked in films such as ‘Central Intelligence’, and ‘Skyscraper’ and which they also have a protagonist The rockmade the scripts begin to be written not only for a sequel, but for two films that are listed to make this success a trilogy.

For now, it is only known that the plan would be to start recording early 2023 according to reports from Deadline. It is still pending to close agreements with the protagonists, as well as with actors and actresses who would join the cast so that future projects become a reality.

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