This is the Netflix movie in which Lily Collins stands out for her drama

who admire actress lily collins After his fun and impeccable participation in ‘Emily in Paris’They do not conceive that this girl has another image away from the colorful, elegant and fashion world with which she has become world famous.

And it was not, until his participation in the very successful Netflix series that the daughter of renowned singer Phill Collins achieved great popularity with which many have turned to admire her and applaud her versatility, as well as her beauty and charisma. But she has also made her fans know part of his career that has been full of successes and various participations in important projects that have allowed him to discover his passion for acting.

This is how the streaming platform has added another title in which this young lady leaves more than one stunned, Well, not only is she far removed from the image of the fun, bold and expert girl in digital marketing. Here she shows that she also has potential for drama and for a lot of roles.

Netflix movie in which Lily Collins stands out for her drama

Fruits of the wind or wind fall is the title of the film in which fans of Lily Collins can appreciate her talent and versatility. In this film directed by Charlie McDowell, This girl assumes a very significant position, but one that distances her from the frivolous concept with which the new generations recently met her on Netflix.

This production focuses on the life of a man who illegally enters the house of a wealthy man, but he believes that this huge place was abandoned, because at first she realizes that this very prestigious home is empty, without knowing that its inhabitants will arrive very soon and that is when all the tensions and other unsuspected situations begin in which this girl assumes her position.

and although it is the actor Jesse Plemons who gets all the praise for this plot, Collins fans have no doubt that his participation is also vital for the outcome of this film which is available on the streaming platform in order to show a different vision of this girl who is immersed in a thriller full of suspense and news that no one imagined she would be willing to take on.

However, this is not the only project in which she has surprised on screen, as she has also had outstanding performances in romantic comedies such as: Los contingencias del amor, Espejito, espejito, Editing love. But she, to her credit, has also been present in dramas such as: Inheritance, No Escape, Shadowhunters: City of Bones, Tolkien, Rules Don’t Apply, among other productions.

With this he shows himselfu potential and her desire to always stand out and advance in the field of acting in which she is increasingly being called to be part of important stories that go beyond ‘Emily in Paris’. So if you are a lover of terror or suspense, you can enjoy Fruits of the wind, which is available and causing a stir on Netflix.

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