This is the new beauty that will dethrone Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox; have you seen it before? – Subway Ecuador

It is the American Sadie Sinkwho has starred in the role of “Max Mayfield” in the famous series stranger things. This beautiful actress has dazzled with her physique on screen, as well as behind the scenes. So we can see some of her photos posted on Instagram.

What leaves more than one stunned is his natural hair color. That intense red manages to connect with two beautiful emeralds that protect his pupils, in the middle of a light snowfall, where the cold of snow and fire dispute, as the latter takes over his cheekbones.

Then there are two magical paths that are well built and perfected to guide us to her lips, which are that garden that houses pink flowers, with petals so delicate that they provide calm. A small paradise in the foreground, which leads moviegoers to question and dispute the throne of beauty in the world of filming.

And it is that this girl not in any way in which she appears manages to captivate. For example, in this image posted in December 2018, she proves that she doesn’t have to force anything to capture her gaze.

Just the way her hair falls off her shoulders like two cascades of burning lava to burst into that ‘surreal’ style blouse. She joins her hands and with her eyes -lethal weapon- she shoots. This is indicated in the second photo of the same publication where you can see his face in more detail.

At only 20 years old, sadie her beauty has given her an enormous degree of fame. So she ‘posts’ it herself. A few weeks ago, the British magazine Wonderland, responsible for publishing lifestyle, fashion and popular culture content, put the actress on its cover; considering that it is not the first time that it happens, other ‘magazine’s’ have also done it. The American was appreciative, writing in the post’s description: “In the stands soon. Thank you Wonderland”, with a heart emoji on the side.

It has also been the image of some beauty products. In addition, in brands such as CHANEL she has appeared as a model. In her own account there are videos and photographs of the beautiful actress revealing her activities.

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