this is the new charging standard

Since Apple introduced the new version of MagSafe, the magnetic charging system, for the first time on the iPhone 12, some Android manufacturers such as Realme have considered the possibility of adapting it to their mobiles, but with little success.

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As with everything Apple does, there was no shortage of Android users looking for something similar for their phones; but either due to complexity or lack of demand, so far there is no clear alternative to MagSafe that is compatible with Android. That is going to change soon.

This is the new wireless charging

On the occasion of CES 2023, the new wireless charging standard that the industry will use soon has been announced; is named Qi2and as its name suggests, it is the new version of the Qi standard with which the vast majority of devices are already compatible, from smartphones to headphones or accessories.

Realme's MagDart was one of the few attempts to bring MagSafe to Android

Realme’s MagDart was one of the few attempts to bring MagSafe to Android

The great novelty of Qi2 is that it will have a magnetic system, which will use magnets to perfectly align the charging base and smartphone to safely increase charging power. The big problem with wireless charging is that the user can leave the device on the charging base in many different ways; the magnets guarantee that it can only be put on in a certain way.

If that sounds familiar to you, it’s for good reason: it’s the same concept as MagSafe. This technology was introduced by Apple as a safer alternative to Qi, since by ensuring that the two parts of the charge were aligned, it is possible to increase the power without risk. In practice, we’ve seen Android phones with more powerful wireless charging than iPhones, but the idea made sense.

It’s not that Qi2 is a downloaded copy of MagSafe, it’s that Apple belongs to the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) group, which is responsible for determining the charging standard. Although MagSafe and Qi2 are not identical, they are similar enough that Apple’s hand in the new standard is evident. Although it hasn’t been explicitly confirmed yet, it seems obvious that iPhones with MagSafe will be Qi2 compatible as standard, a huge plus for Apple.

MagSafe accessories should be compatible with Android with Qi2

MagSafe accessories should be compatible with Android with Qi2



Qi2 will replace the original Qi, so all charger and accessory manufacturers will have to switch to the new system, and that will mean more iPhone-compatible devices. But Android manufacturers will also benefit, since now brands like Google, Xiaomi or Samsung will be able to use something that until now was exclusive to the iPhone.

The new Qi2 will be launched throughout 2023, and the first official products are expected be on time for the Christmas campaignalthough it is expected that all current MagSafe products will already be compatible.

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