This is the new Hailey Bieber cooking show

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The world of cooking and that of celebrities It is something very recurring. There are plenty of television shows hosted by celebrities and whose theme is cooking. One of the latest to join this trend has been Hailey Bieber, creating her program ‘What’s In My Kitchen?‘ on his own Youtube channel. We tell you what it consists of and what recipes it makes.

Hailey’s content is recorded in the kitchen of her own home, a 25-million-euro mansion where she lives with her husband, singer Justin Bieber. In each chapter, the celebrities is dedicated to preparing a recipe with different companions. For example, in the last one she has invited her mother and her grandmother to teach her the recipe for pao de queijo, very popular in Brazil. According to Hailey’s own account, it is one of her favorite recipes that her grandmother prepared for her when she was little.

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